White Lace Dress

I found the most perfect dress for all your summer occasions whether you’re preggo like me or not, this dress is stunning!  It is so flattering, and at the same time so comfortable that you don’t have that awkward feeling  of being too tight, if you know what I mean. The dress is double lined to prevent sheerness, but I would recommend a nude pair of panties 🙂

For size reference, I am wearing a Small and there is room for the bump to grow. I think once the bump is completely out (maybe month 6 or 7) it will show off so nicely. Cannot wait to wear it more this summer!

You can dress this versatile piece up with a statement necklace and heels, in my case wedges for a date night with your husband (because you know you need to make time for your hubby and/or girlfriend that has been on the backburner lately) or dress is down with sandals, in my case a pair of white Chuck Taylors for super casual wear.

So, if you have any special occasions lined up for the summer (as we know the wedding season has started) or just want a new dress to add to your date night collection, I highly recommend this White Lace Dress from PinkBlush. It’s classy, very flattering on currently on $51 USD. They have it in multiple colors too.

All photos by Captured Moments by Ania



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