Mateja’s Christening at Monastery of Ostrog

Manastir Ostrog: Christening

Our firstborn Vasilije was born on the day of Saint Basil of Monastery Ostrog (Sveti Vasilije Ostroški), May 12th and thus his name. We knew that we wanted him Christened at the Monastery the following year, and we did in 2015.

When Mateja was born we wanted to keep the tradition of Christening our babies at Monastery of Ostrog. Mateja was Christened on the same date as Vasilije, July 25th. This day marks another special event in our lives, both of our sons were Christened here.

Just a little bakcground though, Aleksandar and I used to come here everytime we visit Montenegro. The first time I ever went was in 2010 and the feeling of being there was unmeasurable. I wanted to keep coming back every year.

There is always a line of people waiting to buy candles and enter the Monastery. People from all sorts of religions and beliefs visit this Monastery.

Monastery of Ostrog is a special place for us, but for everyone that believes in God and the power above as well. The Monastery of Ostrog is a monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church situated against an almost vertical background, high up in the large rock of Ostroška Greda, in Montenegro. It is dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog, who was buried here.

As you may already know, many have asked why we haven’t cut Mateja’s hair yet. It’s traditional to wait until baby’s Christening to have their first haircut. So wait until we get back to the States, Mateja will have his first haircut and probably look completely different. At least Vasilije turned into a total boy and lost all the baby in him after his first haircut.

Thanks for all your support, you guys are the best! Sorry but not sorry my posts have been a little delayed, I have been truly enjoying visiting family and spending time with them. Love you guys!!

As always, Vesna

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