Where in the world are we? A little update from us as we travel…

Hi beauties!

You have probably been following our journey on Instagram, but where in the world are we and what are we doing? A little update from us as we travel from one place to another.

Seriously, it’s been a blessing to have a rental car from EuropCar Rental . I don’t know what we would have done without it. Just to put it in your perspective – suitcases, stroller, diaper bag, backpacks, snacks, and two toddlers! It’s been the best investment on this trip, I swear! We made a reservation online a month before heading here!

So, where are we?

Currently in Budva, Montenegro. Can you google it?

We left Chicago, flew to Vienna, Austria and then Podgorica, Montenegro for Mateja’s Christening. Mateja’s Christening was July 25th at Monastery of Ostrog which is about 45 minutes away from the apartment we stayed at in Podgorica. Meanwhile, my husband got to visit some of his family here too. We also went to Kotor, Montenegro which you can read all about in the recent post: “1st Part of Our Adventures: Bay of Kotor” if you missed it.

After Mateja’s Christening we drove to my hometown Kiseljak, crossing the border over to Bosnia and driving with one or two stops we made it there in six hours. All of my family, besides parents & brothers, are in Bosnia. My husband has some family here too. We visited everyone, had a blast and then went back to the beach life. I always get very emotional and nostalgic when I am visiting my childhold home… I don’t know what is it, but I cannot help it. I spent 12 years at this house and I just cannot ever get over it. It will forever be my home. And, it made me so happy to bring my boys here. Oh you have no idea how happy my heart was. I know some can completely relate to this.

Sharing our adventures a bit with you all and receiving so much love has been truly amazing! Thank you all for the continuous love and support as we continue on our journey! Going places with two toddlers is definitely not easy, it’s challenging and at times frustrating. They get tired, they want their naps, they need to be carried despite the stroller, they’re hungry one second but when food comes they barely eat, always asking for water. I mean, it never ends….none the less, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We explored the Old Town Budva, which by the way is my favorite part of Budva. I love the coble alley walls, the narrow passings and the history behind the Old Town. It’s all so beautiful to me. Today, so many tourists pass through these alleys and stop to take photos (myself included). Everyone is amazed with the tiny windows, the vintage structure and the small cafes. It’s super hot passing through here, not a lot of air which is why ordering a drink is a must.

Stay tuned… more photos to come from the island we visited the other day including the secret place in Montenegro not quite open to the public?!

Xoxo, Vesna

  1. Love all the pictures! especially the one of Mateja and the kitty! Miss you guys but so happy to see you all having such a great time! <3

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