The Golden Birthday Surprise

Turning 29 is probably not a big deal for most, but for me it was truly, as they say a Golden Birthday. The amount of happiness I feel being surrounded by the people I love is unmeasurable. I am beyond thankful for all the blessings sent my way, and beyond grateful for our little family.

Golden Birthday ✨ 29 ✨

We had a lot going on yesterday wanting to surprise everyone with a the baby’s gender reveal, Mateja’s first haircut and squeeze in a photoshoot. Some days I just feel like everything is going my way, and for that I am so thankful. And, to make it even bettter Pink Blush sent me this gorgeous maternity dress.

Mateja’s First Haircut

We had an early morning haircut for the little guy. OMG! You guys! I cannot even deal with his haircut! It took so much courage to cut his long sun kissed almost blonde hair. I may have shed a tear or two, but of happiness. He is a total boy now, don’t you agree? And no, we didn’t style his hair like that, it styled itself!! I know, right he doesn’t even have to worry about styling his hair, he was born with it. Haha. AND, in contrast to his brother he was the best baby ever during the haircut. I mean, he didn’t even move, fuss or even cry a bit. We were all beyond surprised!

Twenty One Week Bumpdate

Then after the haircut, we rushed to our twenty weeks appointment (squeezed in brunch in between) and made it on time. I did the routine, blood pressure and weight – but I forgot they wouldn’t let me pee until after the ultrasound, omg! Anyways, the doctor came and we were all excited to see the baby. The boys were runnig around, of course and surprisingly Mateja wasn’t as protective of mommy as they say they are at 18 months.

The doctor said the baby was perfect. All the measurments were on target, still due date is January 7th! That’s all I wanted to hear! We saw the baby stretch, yawn, stick the tongue at us and grab the toes. It was so sweet! Vasilije was really paying attention to everything the doctor was showing us.

…. and we are having a

And, this is how the boys feel about having a sister…. jk!

You can shop this beautiful maternity dress here. The best is, this dress is currently on sale $53, & if you order today you get 20% off just because its #humpday! So, r u n and get yourself one! I have said it before, but I am beyond obsessed with Pink Blush and beyond grateful to be working with such an amazing company and people. Thank you, Pink Blush for making me feel so pretty. This dress was perfect for the gender reveal photoshoot.

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes, I feel so blessed to be part of such an amazing community of you beautiful mamas and women.



  1. Congrats beautiful mama!!!!! 🎀👑 SO happy for you & your growing family! A little princess is on the way! Also, Mateja 1st haircut, too cute! ❤️

  2. SOOOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!! <3

    Love you & your family! <3 SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your birthday was Golden indeed & the love and happiness it brought to many was just AMAZING!

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