Play area update

The boys’ play area just got an update with this diamond black and beige print rug from Lorena Canals, and they couldn’t be happier to play on it. The best thing is, it is – get ready – machine washable! Say whatttttt? A pretty chic rug that is machine washable? Yes, it sure is! Us mamas know how messy kids can get and being able to just pop this rug into the washer is amazing.

Meanwhile their room is being renovated and updated to big boys room, they are enjoying this rug in the play area. Eventually, I plan on moving it into their room but that’s still in progress. I love that this rug is not only soft, but a normal looking rug, if you know what I mean? When we received it, I just tossed into the dryer as recommended for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out from being folded.

The rug is so versatile and could really go anywhere. You can’t go wrong with this design, simple enough to compliment any décor. I almost put it in the living room, but decided to keep it for the boys since their room was up next to be renovated. You know, with the baby sister coming in January the boys need their own space and this seems like the best time to convert their room to a big boys room. I think this basket would be perfect for their new area too. You know, gotta keep all them toys somewhere! Oh, and this cushion. What do you all think?

I have my eye on a few other things from Lorena Canals for the boys room and something for the baby girl. Oh and this matching runner would be perfect! They have the cutest blankets and baskets too.  I am loving the new collection as well. Go and check them out!

You guys, this rug is so versatile that I had to give it a try in our bedroom too – What do you all think? I love it here!

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As always, thanks for following along. 🙂

Xoxo, Vesna

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