My favorite five maternity stores

Hi lovelies! So I’ve gotten a few questions regarding my maternity clothes, and where I get them. So, I decided to share my top stores for maternity clothes with you expecting moms, and those that are not expecting, you should bookmark this somewhere – you may need it later. So can you guess what store tops my list?

Pink Blush

I bet you guessed Pink Blush would make it to the top of my list! Ever since I discovered this clothing brand, it has been my favorite. It only took two kids, but heyyy it’s never too late – right?! haha. They have a wide variety of maternity clothes, from stylish dresses to cute maternity tanks, to basic leggings. And, I love how their clothing is made of quality and on an affordable side of the world. If you want to look stylish while pregnant, this would be your store to visit. Just check my previous posts like this dress, or this top and these jeans, or this maternity gender reveal maxi dress.

Outfit: Distressed Jeans | Leopard Print Tunic | Pumps (mine are completely sold out but these are amazing) | Jacket |

**Thank you Pink Blush for making the transition into Fall so effortlessly stylish for this busy mama. You make my life a little less chaotic with such cute maternity clothes. Currently living in this tunic and this one.

Gap/Old Navy

I combined these two because I love them for their basics the most, and for always having their 40% off deals! If you know me, you know I don’t buy anything without a coupon, unless of course we are buying designer handbags or shoes – then we just wait for a good annual sale 🙂 Anyways, they are the best for their basic white/gray/black tank tops, t-shirts, leggings, etc. Gap does have the girlfriend jeans in maternity and I love mine! The Old Navy leggings are my favorite for around the house – I mean, I sleep in them, I lounge in them, I do laundry in them – practically everything. BUT, they are sort of kind of see through so I don’t wear them outside. I’ve lived in Gap tank tops/shirts and these Old Navy leggings my first two pregnancies!


I love Target, who doesn’t?!? BUT, I wasn’t always a fan of Target maternity. Mostly, because I am short and nothing ever fit “right” if you know what I mean. I love all of their non-maternity clothes! But, since the new designer – Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel – I want every piece! Not to mention the prices are perfectly within my budget, and yours too! So, I recently bought this t-shirt in pink, and these thicker leggings, and this olive green sweatshirt tunic and this gray zip up.


Ok, so back to my price range. H&M has been a favorite of mine for a while, maternity or non-maternity but I love the pricing for their clothing the most! It gives me all the European feels and allows for stylish maternity clothes, like these shorts I am wearing here.


Talk about splurging a bit – Nordstrom comes to my mind! I love their maternity line, and their post-partum leggings are amazing – the belly bandit leggings! If you’re not strict on budget, and love the chic maternity styles this would be your place to shop! The only reason it’s sort of on the bottom of the list is because of the price.  By the way, if there is one thing I splurged on that was these Mother Tucker Compression Leggings after having Mateja (didn’t discover them with Vasilije). Omg! They are seriously the best – put them on your list mamas! They also have the Blanqi leggings that I am dying to try – has anyone tried them?

Now, I am interested to know where you shop or have shopped for maternity clothes? I’d love your feedback in the comments below. This mama can always use a suggestion. 🙂



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