My Top 5 Must-Haves for Baby A💕

Hi lovelies! I’ve rounded up some baby #3 essentials over the last several weeks and wanted to share them with other expecting mamas. The crazy thing is – get this I didn’t have any of the items with either of my two boys that are now on my must have list for Baby #3. Now, how crazy is that? But, I guess you live and you learn. This time around, I am all about that minimalistic lifestyle and functional products.


I guess I was one of “those” moms that didn’t believe in what the whole hype was with Dock-A-Tot, but this time around it was on top of my list. Not only have I heard great things from friends and family, but all the reviews and the posts of others on Social Media such as Instagram has got me really curious. I am so excited to try this product with our baby girl, and so glad it is something completely new for her only. You can get the same one here too, and there are additional covers along with the toy arch and toy sets.  A few of the reasons why I decided to give it a try:

  • It helps the babies sleep through the night
  • It is easily washable
  • It has the side attachments for baby toys
  • It is easy for travelling with a baby
  • It’s perfect for co sleeping

Now, who says we have to wait for baby sister to test out the Dock A Tot 🙂 How cute is Mateja in it? He loved it!

LILLEbaby Carrier

This is another thing I never had with either of my boys. I didn’t have any kind of a carrier, and here I am thinking for baby #3 this would be perfect. I can put the baby in the carrier, and hold the boys by hand and off we go places. As most of you know, we are an outdoorsy family and we love going places so I needed something to make my life easier otherwise, I was going to go crazy. I am already imagining us being outside playing in the snow, and the baby all cuddled up in her baby carrier right next to me. This baby carrier seemed perfect – I mean, it shows you how to use it six ways, yes six ways!! I’ll be fine using it just the one way if it’s going to make my life easier.


So I picked this one out, which is the complete all seasons 6 in 1 baby carrier. The reviews were stunning, and I did quite the extensive research (perhaps others know of a better one? but this one seemed appealing to me. It is temperature-control panel that easily zips-up for those cooler days and the material is breathable. It’s 100% cotton too. And, it’s machine washable!!! I mean, what mom doesn’t want machine washable things!  I love that they have the tutorial on how to position your newborn because I would have no clue – check it out here.


This is another thing I didn’t think to get with either of my boys – I mean, I was never crazy about carrying so many things with me – shopping with babies is hard already. But, I love how easily you can snap this on the cart put the baby in it and not use up any actual cart space. We can still load all our stuff right underneath. One thing I love the most about it, is that it folds so nicely into my bag. It’s seriously the best thing ever invented for moms trying to go shopping with a baby. I mean you don’t have to carry that carseat with you!

– Holds up to 50lbs

– Use birth until child can sit up unassisted

– Fits most shopping carts

– Machine washable

Ollie World Swaddle

I think a lot of us tend to say oh it’s just a swaddle so I can get the cheaper one, but if you invest your money in something that will work once, you will have it for years to come – wish I did that with my boys! Don’t get me wrong, budget is a budget – but buying things because they’re cheap is not the smartest way to go either. Getting great deals, is a smart thing tho.

I picked this one after reading much reviews and seeing it all over Social Media. I love the stretchy material and the Velcro tabs on this one. They seem to make the swaddling easy. And not to mention how soft the fabric is, like butter 🙂 You can also do arms in/arms out depending on your baby needs. They also have a great step by step on how to use the swaddle right here. This would make the perfect shower gift!


Seriously, cannot wait to wrap my baby in this soft and cozy swaddle. I love how easily it is use it. We did some practice with Mateja’s bear.

Backpack Diaper Bag

A diaper bag, but not just any diaper bag. I want a backpack version of the diaper bag, one that will be functional as a shoulder bag and a backpack. However, I haven’t found “the one” so this is where all of you come into play, maybe you can suggest one?

By the way, in response to all of your suggestions to my earlier post on Instagram – we have decided to get a white crib and go without a basinett. The boys have slept in their crib from day two, so I plan on doing the same with baby A plus we have the Dock A Tot now.

Thanks lovelies!

Xoxo, Vesna

  1. I currently have a Fawn Design diaper bag that we love. It has backpack straps and a over the shoulder messanger strap which makes it super versatile. I also preordered the Freshly Picked Diaper bag, which I can’t wait to use but don’t have it yet so can’t review just yet 🙂

  2. Mateja is so cute 🙂

    I think you will love the DockAtot, I have heard only great things about it!
    Baby carrier is going to be perfect running around after two active boys and keeping baby A always safe and close to you <3

    cant wait for January already 🙂 <3

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