32 Week Bumpdate + everything on my mind currently

Happy Friday, friends!

We are excited for the weekend of doing nothing but relaxing, and visiting grandma for her Birthday on Sunday! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my 32 week bumpdate (first one ever so brace yourself) as well as these leggings and tee I have been living in.

Leggings | Tee

As this belly has been growing so has my apetite and cravings, which is the reason anything but leggings and a tee has started to be a hassle. So don’t mind me over here living in these PREGGO LEGGINGS and their classic PREGGO IS THE NEW BLACK tee which is so comfy and hugs the bump perfectly. The combination is just pure perfection! You can add sneakers and a cardigan to complete your look, or if you prefer boots and a cozy sweater for those breezy mornings and coffee runs!

I love how these maternity leggings are not see through and how nicely they hold the bump, very comfy. You can get yourself a pair of these black maternity leggings here too, and for size reference I am wearing a small. We all need that comfy and cozy feel, especially when pregnant!

Now, onto the bumpdate at 32 weeks! Yikes!!! A little less than two months before we get to meet our sweet baby A!

How far along? 32 weeks

Gender? Girl

Total weight gain? 20+ pounds. If it wasn’t for the scale at the doctor’s office, I would never weigh myself, not my thing. But, I am feeling it a lot in the belly this time around. It feels like my legs cannot support my growing bump.

Maternity clothes? Well, I have been living in leggings and tees lately. I toss on a sweater and sneakers or boots and call it a day! I am at the point where my husbands shirts are becoming my favorite!

Stretch marks? I have them on my inner thighs and belly. Baby girl left her first stretch mark on the belly. Every child leaves a footprint behind, and I love it. As crazy as that sounds, I love seeing how amazing our bodies are supporting a growing human for full nine months.

Sleep? Let me tell you, it’s been wayyyyy better since the boys moved into their own room (if you read their room makeover post you know what I am talking about). Although, turning in sleep feels like the most painful thing ever! And not to mention getting up four-five times to go to the bathroom! Omg!

Cravings? I am still craving sushi like never before and look forward to sushi dates with bestie! But, only cooked sushi! This has been the biggest change for me since I was never a fan of sushi in the past, let’s just say I could have it but never cared for it. Still not craving much of sweets, and coffee hasn’t been my best friend this pregnancy! But, I still love my coffee – like the new Holiday Spice Flat White – have you tried it?

Hospital bag? Not packet yet.

Symptoms? I will spare you all the details, but omg everything hurts!

What’s currently on my mind? Getting our floors done in the house as we only did the boys room so far, so that I can get the Christmas décor out and make a winter wonderland in the house just in time for baby girl to arrive. Her due date is still January 7th, which is our Orthodox Christmas! I am really hoping she comes right on Christmas and wishing for a white Christmas! Andddd, believe it or not I have not bought anything for baby A except for the two outfits I got a few weeks back at baby Gap (by the way, they are my favorite for the newborns). Oh, and have yet to buy a crib! So much to do in less than two months!

As always thanks for reading and following our journey along!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And, if you needed to heart it – it is a OK to be in the Christmas spirit already. Just saying. Don’t judge. 🙂



  1. I’m so happy that I ran across your post. I’m 16 wks preggo and have been looking for non see through leggings that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I am going to check these out!

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