Just a few days ago we welcomed the newest member of our family and have since been in newborn heaven! She is just the most perfect little baby, mommy’s little lady. Yes… I call her my little lady, because I am not into the whole “princess” thing. (Sorry!) She is such a good baby (hopefully I don’t jinx myself by saying that). I mean, she gives me no trouble, and being a mama of three now has just made me realize that I was meant for this – motherhood is my muse and mom life is the best life. If I needed any reassurance of that, she gave that to me. She completes me, and our family.

The boys have been nothing but super sweet to their baby sister, and I haven’t noticed any jealousy (not yet at least). I was for sure that Mateja would be the one to show some signs of jealousy, but no. He just comes up and cuddles with us. He gives her kisses and just stares at her. Meanwhile, Vasilije constantly wants to hold her, runs to get her a diaper when she needs to be changed and wants to help bathe her. I seriously lucked out with both of them! Feeling so blessed and thankful right now.

She has been breastfeeding like a champ, and sleeping in her Dock A Tot since Day One. Let me tell you…..

Anastasija loves her Dock A Tot

& so does mommy! It’s a lifesaver (and I am not even kidding!) OK, so you probably think that I am just saying that to say that – but if you just look at all the moms raving about it – you’ll know I am not lying! It’s all over social media and (almost) every mom swears by it! The Dock A Tot is our FAVORITE thing we got for her! It’s a must have! So do yourself a fave, and get it.

First, THANK YOU Dock-A-Tot for sending this third time mama the best gift for a newborn! Where was this when I had Vasilije or Mateja! I guess I must have not been so socially active to even know but how come nobody told me? Anyways, let me just tell you I am so glad we got it!

Second, it’s perfect to take places with you like when you’re going to grandparents or a friend’s house or just to bring from one room to another. It has its own bag so you can slide it in there and it’s ready for travel in the car or the plane!

Third, you can get separate covers to switch it up. I particularly love the white but when I saw this floral, called la vie en rose one I fell in LOVE. It’s so much prettier in person.

Another thing we love is playing on the floor, and now baby sister can be right by us chilling in her DockATot. I love having all three in the view. I added this toy arch and these toys for her to look at and play with. I love seeing her notice the toys and just following with her eyes. Also, it is so easy to take off the cover and wash it.

Anastasija is using the deluxe size for 0-8 months. I love that it’s all natural and 100% cotton. It’s handmade in Europe, tested for breathability and OEKO-TEX certified. *if you’re unfamiliar with OEKO-TEX you can learn more about it here* Safety is always a priority when it comes to my baby.

Anastasija’s nursery in our bedroom

As you know we live in a two bedroom condo, so that means we get to share our bedroom with our newest member. If you recall a few posts back I shared the boys room transformation to big boys room with their superhero theme here. Anastasija’s corner in our room is just perfect, the way I envisioned it while planning it all. We sold the boys convertible crib and got her a mini crib. I made this simple canopy and the letter “A”. I love a touch of simplicity, freshness and elegance with a hint of feminine accents. The Dock A Tot fits in perfectly and she has been sleeping in it since we have been home.

This would make a perfect baby shower gift – And, expecting mamas if this is not on your registry list you better add it! Linked them all for your right here:

Dock A Tot in White Pristine

Toy Arch

Toy SetLa vie en Rose Cover onlyAs I click to publish this post, I didn’t want to release it without saying THANK YOU to all you for your wonderful wishes on welcoming our baby girl. I was so surprised to get so many messages from many of you (and I think I responded to every single one) that it just makes me so happy to be part of such a beautiful mom community!

Cannot wait to share more things with you! Stay tuned to see what’s next on my mind.

Comment below your newborn must have AND if you have a Dock A Tot already.

Xoxo, Vesna

  1. Anastasija is so precious! Happy that it has been a smooth adjustment for all. Enjoy every moment! Love the floral dock a tot cover! It’s perfect for a little lady 🙂 Congrats again!

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