The Lollipop Baby Camera

Why we love it and why you need it if you’re expecting.

First, thanks so much for following along our newborn journey and as you have noticed I’ve been sharing our favorites for baby Anastasija. I don’t like to rave about products and I am not huge on promoting, but when something blows your mind away you have to share it. The Lollipop Baby Camera totally blew my mind away, and here is why!

Not only is this camera pretty (who doesn’t love pretty stuff that fits with the nursery) but it is functional. You can attach it to the crib (as seen above), you can lay it on a dresser or a shelf, or you can put it on the wall (it comes with the cutest little hook). It is a smart video-based baby monitor with Wi-Fi capabilities so that you can see your baby’s live-feed indoor or outdoor. Now, on the other hand my husband who is always on the go can also see the baby live through the app. How cool is that? I was blown away with that feature. I have never had a baby monitor and this one exceeds all my expectations.

And, to test this out I turned the camera on and went outside and was able to hear the baby as if I was in the next room over. Such an awesome feature!

The camera is bendable (it really is) allowing you to position it however it fits your lifestyle. The silicone based handle allows you to wrap it around the crib, or on the wall. It is super easy to install (less than three minutes).

Another thing I love is the CRYING detection versus just the NOISE detection. I always wondered how baby monitors pick up all the noise and not just the baby crying because that’s what you really want to hear – not everything around. Well, this one tunes out the background noise and actually sends you the crying detection. It can also send you a notification of the same! Umm how amazing is that?

The Lollipop Camera Features:

  • Bendable camera
  • Wall, Crib, Shelf mounting options
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Video capability indoor, outdoor or on the go
  • Crying detection and not just noise
  • Snap a photo of the live feed
  • Share video/photo with your contacts
  • Play lullaby songs

Here is a photo I snapped during the live feed – you can move the camera however you want. You can zoom in as well.

Not to mention how amazing of a baby shower gift this would be! Your friend or family member would be beyond thankful!

You can purchase your very own camera through this direct link – The Lollipop Camera.

Thank you so much Lollipop Camera for sending us ths gift. It has made my day, and cannot share enough good things about this camera!

Stay tuned for next week’s faves and must haves!



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