My Favorite Swaddle

Hello beautiful mamas!

So last week I shared one of our favorite newborn products and a must have. Well, this week I am sharing another must have. Combine these two, Dock A Tot and this swaddle and you’ll love it as much as I do, if you love the extra sleep that is.

The Ollie World Swaddle

If you are a mama you know the importance of sleep and as such the importance of a good swaddle. As a third time mama you would think I had my things together and everything figured out – but as you can see, I am still learning. I had muslin swaddles with both of the boys, but I have never had The Ollie World Swaddle! Not knowing how much I was missing out, I decided to try the swaddle with my little lady Anastasija.

Let me just say this – if you want some sleep, get the Ollie World Swaddle. Nothing like until you see it for yourself. A total mom win if you ask me!

Babies always figure out how to wiggle their arms out of swaddles and I was always afraid she’d pull the swaddle over her face. Such an anxiety factor us moms have! However, The Ollie World Swaddle sits a little lower on her shoulders so she can’t wiggle her arms out. This makes her sleep peacefully at night, which also makes feeding super easy.

One thing as a mom that I totally appreciate, and wish other companies would do this too – is that this swaddle comes with a little bag of its own so that you can put the swaddle in it when washing. That way, the large velcro doesn’t ruin your other items. Genious, right?

This is one of those newborn essentials that is worth investing money in. I always say I rather have one swaddle that works then ten that don’t work. You can purchase yours HERE.

Thank you The Ollie World Swaddle for sending us a swaddle that promises sleep. We love it!

Comment below one thing you wish you had with your newborn baby – and – if you’ve tried The Ollie World Swaddle?



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