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hi gorgeous mamas!

So you have probably seen our Instagram post but if you haven’t, baby girl went on her first shopping trip to Target with mommy last week. And, we had our first ever Starbucks date! Yup, all in the same day!! Can you blame us? The boys stayed home and took a walk with dad, while the two of us enjoyed much needed retail therapy. Someone made a comment on our Instagram post, and I agree – we need milestone stickers for that too – ” Baby’s first shopping trip to Target” & “First Starbucks Date” Don’t you agree? 😄

I wanted to share the Shopbinxy shopping cover with you guys. I definitely thought this would be a pain in the you know what, but actually it was super easy to put on the Target shopping cart and baby Anastasija just snuggled up with her blanket. It was so easy to do all of our shopping, everything fit right underneath the hammock. There was plenty of room, definitely a lot more than there would have been had we brought the carseat. I love the design, the triangle print and the color is beautiful. Binxy Baby has tons of options on their website, you can get the triangle print right here or you can check out all the other options here. This is one of those newborn must haves for us mamas! It is a lifesaver while shopping, not even kidding.

Thank you Binxy Baby for this amazing hammock that’s been life saver for shopping. ow that I have shopping with a newborn all figured out with Binxy Baby, I need to figure out shopping with three kiddos! Suggestions?

Thank you mamas for always following along & all your support!

Xoxo,< em>Vesna

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