Becoming Minimalist: Lorena Canals Rug

Happy Tuesday loves!

Baby A is already four weeks old, someone needs to tell time to slow down. I shouldn’t complain, I remind myself every day to enjoy each and every moment with her and the boys. Time cannot be made up and that’s been my motto since Vasilije was born. The late night feedings, the evening colic, the fussiness, diaper changes, the spit ups, lack of sleep, and just the mombie life – it all gets easier, trust me it does but the time you lost complaining, getting frustrated, mad and yelling will not be made up. So let me remind you TODAY to soak in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT you get with your babies. &&. don’t forget how amazing of a mama you’re!

So, having said that – the more time you spend with your babies the less time you have to do other stuff around the house – like clean floors, vacuum carpets, wash and fold piles of laundry, load up the dishwasher or better yet hand wash everything, scrub the bathroom and the kitchen, make sure everyone is fed and a million other things us moms do. We have so much on our plate on daily basis which is why I decided to majorly declutter our home and live as “minimalistical lifestyle” as possible including getting rid of things that require more work than it’s worth. We spend a lot of time in our living room and dining room and as such I have replaced those rugs with these amazing machine washable rugs from Lorena Canals! I seriously cannot express how much easier and convenient it has been since I’ve done that. I don’t care if we spill things now, because we always do – I can just toss the rug in the machine and voila, like brand new. A few months ago we replaced our dining rug and just now our living room as well.

I love how perfectly this Bereber Rug in beige fits into our living space. This room doesn’t get much of natural light so putting pieces like a lighter rug helps make it brighter.

Part of living a minimalist lifestyle is declaring a clutter-free zone whether that be your kitchen table, your living room space, hallway, etc., it’s important to keep it that way to get in the habit of minimalism. Also, getting rid of duplicates around the house is another way to quickly get to minimalism. This is exactly what I did before baby A arrived – a decluttered countertop became a decluttered room, and eventually home.

The boys are obsessed with this Lorena Canals cushion! We just may have to get another one otherwise the fighting will never end. They love to lay on it just like this or sit and read their books.

And because nothing beats a machine washable rug, I no longer care if the boys accidentally spill something. Obviously, I still want them to be careful and attentive but it’s one less thing for me to have to worry about now.

Hanging out by the fireplace is their favorite place. Usually there will be a blanket on the floor but they must have forgotten to take it when we took this photo. This was a perfect candid photo, I just happen to have my camera nearby and snapped photos real quick.

And there is just something about fresh flowers in the house, I don’t know about you but I am obsessed!

You can purchase this exact rug here and this exact cushion here. They also have this blanket that I am swooning over and this basket.

I am literarily falling asleep as I type this so excuse any spelling errors, and let me know in comment if you’d love a machine washable rug yourself.

Stay tuned for a new blog post of newborn essentials and another must have! I have tons of baby favorites and want to share them with you all – keep your eyes peeled!



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