My Favorite Bag: Lily Jade

Hello beauties!

Hope you’re having a good day. It’s been pretty cold in Chicago and this weekend alone we have gotten so much snow, so it’s been hard to be out and about with all three kids. Anastasija just turned one month yesterday, and, well the boys are wild and hard to keep an eye on. BUT, I cannot stay inside every day 24/7 so getting out is a must for me. The boys love being outside, and let’s be honest even ten minutes outside is better than nothing – but packing for three kids is something else. Preparing for one kid is a lot of work but three??!

Thankfully, this Lily Jade bag made it so easy to carry everything and keep it organized. This bag is not only stunning, but it is functional. It has a 12 pocket organizer, that you can remove and wash in the machine (gentle cycle recommended). The organizer itself is just gorgeous, look at the inside of the bag please and tell me you don’t agree.

The leather on this bag is beautiful. The color is just perfect. It easily converts from a messenger carry to backpack carry. Personally, I am an advocate of backpack carry as it keeps my hands free. With three kids I need as many hands as I can get.

So, what’s in my Lily Jade?

By the way, mine is the Madeline in Camel & Gold but honestly, they are all so perfect that choosing “the one” was just so hard. Okay, so we have so much in our bag.

1. Diapers for little lady

2. Pull ups for Mateja since he is still not potty trained (I always have extra in the car too incl. an outfit for Vasilije in case of an incident)

3. Water bottle, gotta stay hydrated at all times

4. Snacks on snacks for big brothers because God forbid we are hungry (including mommy too)!!

5. Baby wipes I swear I will be buying wipes for life

6. Our natursutten & WubbaNub lamb pacifier for little lady

7. Swaddle/burp cloth for little lady

8. Extra outfit for little lady

9. Nivea chapstick for mommy

10. L’occitane hand cream for mommy

11. Clutch for that Starbucks coffee on the way

I LOVE this removable organizer, it is seriously amazing! All the pockets, and being washable I am in heaven! I always hated not being able to find something, but now everything has its own place and eventually I will have it all memorized. Also, I love that you can take the organizer out for those “no baby” days, like when heading to a meeting and need to slip in my laptop!

All my fellow mamas that own a Lily Jade know how amazing it is, and simply cannot stop raving about it – now I too, see why! If you don’t have one already, be sure to put it on your list mamas! You will love it!

You can purchase yours HERE (it’s on sale so hurryyyy). Also, Lily Jade is having a major Valentine’s Day sale on their website AND there is a giveaway featured on my Instagram that you must enter if you haven’t yet. Ok, off to make breakfast for the boys now because they are giving me side eye looks, like what are you waiting for mommy!

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