6 Winter Skin Care Tips

Hi beauties!

How’s your skin care routine? Do you even have one?

Now that we are in mid February and still no signs of Spring, I wanted to share my daily skin care regimen and give you guys some tips, including my latest product obsessions. My winter skincare goals usually include hydration, hydration and some more hydration! But fighting the early signs of antiaging also tops the list in my skincare routine.

Every morning I give myself ten minutes to wash my face, and apply my fave skincare products. We all know how winter can be so harsh on us, so here are my top six things to remember when it comes to winter skincare –

(1) Drink more water.

Duh! I know, seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many of us don’t drink enough water. It is so important to hydrate all year round but because winter tends to be so rough on our skin, we need every bit of extra hydration that we can get. Also, get a humidifier for your place. Your skin will thank you later!

My current obsession is the Immortelle Divine Cream by L’oaccitane. You guys, this cream is everything! If you are going to use one moisturizer, this is it! Day or night, this one is hands down the best moisturizer & antiaging cream. It’s pricey, but worth the $$$. It doesn’t clog pores, leaves no residue, smells amazing and your skin feels so soft and so smooth after just one use.

(2) Use creams instead of lotions.

| ultra rich face cream |shea butter hand cream | ultra rich body cream | foaming bath wash |

Obviously we all love a good smelling lotion and although they promise to moisturize your skin, they are not thick enough like creams and don’t do a great job of keeping your skin hydrated. So instead, use creams or ointments and hydrate right after a bath (obviously dry first). I love this shea butter ointment and this thick body cream. They both do wonders for my skin. I love putting this cream all over after taking a shower at night.

(3) Avoid hot and long showers.

And what I mean by avoiding hot baths is that your skin tends to crack after taking a hot bath and expose it to air. But if you are going to take a hot bath, make sure you dry up afterawards and moisturize before leaving the bathroom. And as if it wasn’t obvious, keep your doors closed while you take a bath. It traps all the heat in. I LOVE this foaming bath wash. It smells amazing!

(4) Use a basic lip balm.

|hand cream |ultra rich body cream |

This is so new to me but if your lip balm is scented it tends to dry up your lips even more, so switching to a basic one gives the benefits of keeping your lips chap-free. I am obsessed with this shea butter one from L’occitane. It’s simple and keeps my lips moisturized. There is nothing like cracked lips, especially when you try to put that matte lipstick you just got. Ahh!!

(5) Swap out your foundation for a tinted moisturizer.

| ultra rich face cream |

Or you can create your own tinted moisturizer by mixing your fave face moisturizer and foundation. Tinted moisturizer moisturizes your skin giving it that dewy and warm look, and feel. I love this CC cream, but also love to mix in this ligh cream from L’occitane. Not only does it have SPF, which you should wear all year round it keeps my face moisturized and dewy looking. I go a smidge darker than usual.

(6) Don’t exfoliate too much (or at all).

It completely dries out your skin and it is not necessary in winter. And if you must, then get a gentle exfoliator. I avoid exfoliating in winter.

I don’t know about you guys, but there is just something about that glowing and smooth skin, which is why I think you will love this easy homemade moisturizing mask that I found in Kristin Cavallari’s book Balancing in Heels, which by the way you guys is amazing!


Mash half an avocado and mix in 1 teaspoon of honey. Leave on your face for about 10 minutes and then rinse off.

Until next time loves!



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