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Hi beautiful mamas!

Thanks for stopping by! It’s a gloomy and rainy Thursday over here, so this mama is just sipping on her coffee and waiting for the babes to wake up. So glad we went for a walk these past three days, cannot wait for more days like this. I wanted to share another one of my baby faves and must haves – the Zen Sack.

The Zen Sack Winter

We have the Zen Sack Winter. Have you heard of it? The Zen Sack is a sack as it’s name says {duhhh}, but what’s amazing about it is that it stimulates the pressure from your touch with the lightly weighted pad and plush upper panel so the baby feels your touch even when they’re asleep. Because we all know that our touch soothes the baby. Anastasija loves it. She sleeps in it every night.

There is also the Zen Swaddle but we skipped straight to the Zen Sack. The swaddle too, has the lightly weighted pad to mimic your touch. I love that the Sack is thick enough to keep her warm during the night, and I don’t have to worry about her pulling her blanket over herself (which petrifies me just thinking she could suffocate herself). It also has the double zipper which makes the diaper changes that much easier. Obviously, they were thinking about us moms when they created these.

The Zen Sack is toxin free and hip healthy, read more on the safety on their website here.

Our nightly routine

Every night we begin our bedtime routine around 7, and usually start with a bath (which she lovessss) then lotion up (because I love putting lotion on my babies) and then I put her in her sack and we snuggle in bed until she falls asleep. I place my hand on the pad on the Zen Sack until she falls asleep, then throughout the night she feels mama’s touch which helps her sleep longer. I should say that she sleeps in her Zen Sack in her Dock A Tot in her crib 🙂 and, if you read in my previous posts the crib is in our bedroom so she is right next to us. Some nights I let her sleep with us 🙂

Thanks for following along. I’ll continue to share our journey and my baby must haves.



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