My Postpartum Journey

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Hi mamas!

I wanted to share my postpartum journey with you all. Several weeks ago I posted on Insta stories wearing the Bellefit corset, and since then I’ve been wearing it daily. I wear it from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed, and I can visibly see the difference in my waist. Like, 4 inches!! Ahhh such a game changer your guys! Ok, but don’t mistake that and think that all of a sudden I have the tiniest waist and some abs! Nah!! It’s far from that – my body is doing its own thing and it will require some abdominal targeted workouts to get completely in shape. But, the corset is intended to help you recover after having a baby and that’s exactly what it has been doing. A friend of mine swears by it, and she had a c-section. Just for reference, I had natural delivery.

I should tell you that you are supposed to wear the corset right after delivery (obv confirm with your doctor that it’s fine since we are all different), but I didn’t start wearing mine until four weeks post partum. Which means, as I write this I have worn it for 3 full weeks and have seen such a huge difference (not to exeggerate but 4 inches off waist). And, I have moved onto the second set of clasps!! Yayy!!! Ok, your questions answered below –

Benefits of Bellefit

Bellefit is the leading medical brand for postpartum girdles & corsets. It helps women recover faster, provides back support, reduces the extra skin/weight and helps improve your posture. I wish I knew about them when I was pregnant with my first born, Vasilije. I really needed it!

Getting the right Measurments

Before getting the corset it is very important to get the right measurments so that you can get the right size corset for your body. Don’t be afraid to size up a little, only because this is a corset and it is very tight. Just for reference, I got a Medium. And to be honest, the first day I wore it – ohh was it hard to put on – like so hard! They give you instructions on how to “slip” it on. You have to sit first and get it as far as you can, then you get up and pull on.. sounds easy, but it was a struggle for me. Fast forward weeks later it goes on so nicely! The best thing is, it has two adjustable rows of closure so now I moved onto the one that’s further so yayyy!!!

Working out in the Corset

I should also mention that I have been doing other workouts in addition to wearing the corset, but I don’t take the corset off, like ever. Even during our morning walks, I keep it on as you can see in the above photos.

Going to the Bathroom

You’re probably wondering how does one pee with the corset on. Well, they thought about that too and created a flap with hooks on the bottom so you can unhook and do your thing. Haha. Got to trust the process, no?

How long to wear it?

And, you’re probably wondering how long will I be wearing the corset? I don’t know. Definitely, several more weeks. I guess it all depends how I am feeling. I love wearing it! It gives me confidence since I still don’t feel toned or have my core strength back.

Would I recommend it?

Yes!! If you are expecting or just had a baby, I want to reiterate how amazing of a product this is and how much it has helped me. The reviews on their website don’t lie, people love Bellefit! You need this in your postpartum life. Period.

This is just a reminder to love our bodies and embrace self care, because we need it and we deserve it.

Use my code Vesna20 to receive $20 off your corset purchase and tag me in your journey! (You don’t have to but I’d love to see your progress too :))



In collaboration with Bellefit.

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