This weekend’s denim on denim look

Happy Monday!

Another great weekend with friends & family. Weather was perfect, full of sunshine but still too cold to be outside for more than thirty minutes. We did take our walks, but had to cut them short. Spring where are you? We did take the boys to Ball Factory in Naperville and they loved it.

Ok guys so you already know my obsession with denim jackets, and how I literarily wear one with everything well, denim on denim is another obsession of mine. My only rule is the wash has to be different. Also, being a mom it’s important for me to be able to recreate styles that will take me from – being-with-kids outfit to coffee-date-with-bestie outfit. I tend to repeat outfits and clothes, and my favorite part is recreating new outfits and playing with my closet. Things that make an outfit like these jeans, this not so basic tshirt and denim jacket are my faves. Love adding a somewhat fancy pair of shoes as an outfit staple. These lace up booties are everything!! They are so comfortable and they have a zipper in the back which makes it super easy to put them on. These sunnies have pinkish tones and I love it, giving it that feminine look. Also, this bag is huge! And usually I am not a big fan unless I am with the boys but I am obsessed with the blush tone of this bag!

River City Roasters in Wheaton

Wheaton…. it has a special place in my heart. it’s my second home. For those that don’t know, I grew up here when we moved to the States. This little town is full of highschool and college memories for me, these streets remind me of how our coffe dates started and of course, our coffee obsession.

This weekend we had our lattes at River City Roasters. A small town coffee place right in the heart of downtown Wheaton along Main St. Their lattest were on point, could have been a little stronger for my taste though. We weren’t impressed with their interior deco, it needs a little work to be perfect. But this place was busyyyy, tons of people walking in grabbing coffee and going on their way while other sat down to have a bagel with their coffee too. It’s a kid friendly place too. We took the window seats to be secluded from everyone and enjoy our morning lattes. It was beautiful to just sit there sipping on our lattes, catching up, and seeing all the people walking the streets of the town. AND, even though we text like 97178948405 times throughout the day we still have things to catch up on because face to face conversations are still my favorite. Can you relate?

|| SHOP MY LOOK HERE || top is TTS, wearing size small | jeans size 6s | denim jacket size medium |

Wheaton, Il

Peace out weekend!!

Stay tuned for next week’s coffee place – I am already super excited to visit this new place that has become so popular in such a short time!

Any questions you may have just leave them in the comments below.



  1. Love these!!!! girl you are SOOOO GORGEOUS!!! btw those shoes look soooo cute! AND I got these jeans in white and they are perfectionnnnnnn!

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