Upgrading to Dock A Tot Grand

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Thanks for stopping by, and following our journey! If by now you haven’t noticed our love for the Dock A Tot, now you will… I am like OBSESSED with it! I should disclose that we received the Deluxe + Grand as a gift from DockATot however, all opinions are truly my very own and honest. I love the Deluxe, and we are still using it for Anastasija. In fact, if we are not holding her you can bet she is in the DockATot. She sleeps in it during the day, and during the night. She lounges in it. If you missed the initial post all about the Deluxe, read it here.

I just had to get my hands on the grand too for when Anastasija outgrows the deluxe. Right now, Mateja is enjoying his naps in it. So this is the Stage 2 of Dock A Tot, for 9-36 months. We got the marble one this time, and it is as gorgeous as the deluxe. The marble cover is super soft, and slips on easily. Like the Deluxe, it also has breathable, washable and hypoallergenic material. It washes really nicely.

And, because we cannot just have one cover, well because #babylife we got this cover, bananas for you also and I love it. It’s perfect for Summer days when she’ll be using the grand. Even with deluxe now, one cover is always in the wash. I am a neat and clean freak, so yeah. You bet I was everything all the time. My hubs always gives me hard time when I was our sheets like every third day.

Also, umm.. our bed barely fits us now!!!We may need to upgrade our bed to a custom one so that all five of us can fit in, as right now it’s a little tight with the Deluxe. Yeah… still convincing my husband on that.

I am recommending the dock to all my mamas, this is your must have baby item!! I cannot say enough about it. We love it!

Also, did I mention that Anastasija is sleeping through the night and she is not even three months old? In fact, she started sleeping through the night a few days before she turned two months! This mama might be chasing three babes around, but she is getting her sleep at night and that’s a win for me!

As always if you’ve any questions please don’t hesitate to message me, email me or whatever. 🙂



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