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Today marks ONE year from the first blog post on Motherhood Charm! Thus last year has been amazing, from learning ins and outs of blogging to connecting with other bloggers to growing slowly. One of my favorite quotes that keeps me going even when I want to quit, is:

Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. -Earl Nightingdale

I remember it took me months to decide if I wanted to make the commitment to blog, and deciding on buying a domain, creating the website (and hello coding?! Like what is that?) and wondering am I going to start this and then get bored in a few months…. BUT I have truly enjoyed blogging this past year and sharing a little bit of style and motherhood with you all. The purpose of the Blog was to show my motherhood journey all while sharing my passion for style – and combining the two you have Motherhood in Style.

It’a been a great year of blogging! Anyone who knows anything about blogging whether it’s your side hustle or full time job knows that blogging is hard work. Especially when you’re so passionate about it! So, all that hard work deserved a celebration with my fave ladies… and where else then a coffee shop. You know, coffee until wine haha! We found this hidden treasure in the outskirts of Chicago, newly opened with amazing lattes! Not to mention, the owners are the kindest and nicest people ever.

the blog crew

Meet the ladies behind the Blog content, Ania (middle) and Jovanka (right). They have been there since the beginning of the Blog. Ania being the main photographer for the Blog and Jovanka photographer and editor in chief. They have always been nothing but supportive of all my innovative ideas, and while often we are found shooting in chaotic situations like taking all of our kiddos along on photoshoots and taking 738393030 photos until we get the right photo, they have been nothing but encouragement and support. I believe that empowered women empower women.  So thankful for friends like this! And, I cannot forget about my partner in crime, hubs – who has been my back up photographer taking photos whenever and wherever, like when I see a location and tell him to stop so we can take a photo. He cannot but roll his eyes at me, but will make the stop and snap pics. Love him for that, and much more!

One thing I enjoy the most is working and sipping on coffee at a coffee shop, like in this photo at Brewpoint in Elmhurst, IL. You can shop my laptop case HERE. I love that you can personalize it, so mas amor porfavor. 

future blog goals

When I started blogging I didn’t have any expectations other than to keep the commitment for at least one year to see how it goes. Little did I know how much I would enjoy it. I am clearly no where where I want to be and I am just now setting some goals for myself, because up to this point it was mainly learning the ins and outs of blogging. And, while I am still learning I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. I am thankful for all the partnerships and collaborations I have done this past year.

The plan is to continue growing, building partnerships and community. I am excited for the future partnerships and collaborations, and while I currently work on a few more I cannot say enough good things about the companies I’ve partnered with in the past. And, maybe just maybe one day it turns into full time job but for now it’s truly just a hobby. A hobby I am very passionate about.


And, because one of my first partnerships was with PINK BLUSH this top from them was perfect for the occasion. I am in love with this OTS top and the floral print is just calling Spring to arrive in Chicago. And, well because Chicago has not gotten the memo of Spring, I’ll just continue to dress in Spring style hoping it actually decides to come. This top is definitely going to be a staple this Spring and Summer! And, how perfect will it be with white jeans! And just for size reference, I am wearing a small. Shop my entire look HERE and you can find the top HERE. I am also in love with this OTS top. I don’t think I can have enough OTS tops in my closet! Pink Blush has 15% sitewide today and tomorrow, use code time2shop at the checkout.

And you guys, you should know that I only accept to work with companies I truly enjoy and all opinions/reviews are truly my very own. I don’t accept everything that goes my way, and I don’t accept anything that I wouldn’t use/do. Instead of focusing on just driving the numbers, I want to stay true to myself and everyone who has supported me, believed in my journey and continues to grow with me.

Now, onto my latest passion of discovering coffee shops in the burbs of Chicago with my bestie Jovanka, this one definitely tops the list of best coffee, friendliest baristas and gorgeous interior coffee shops!

Brewpoint Coffee Workshop and Roastery, elmhurst

| Pink Blush OTS top (size small) | Jeans | Wedges | Coffee

Brewpoint’s coffee was on point – so good! They brew their coffee in house. We ordered lattes, but couldn’t pass up on their pastries. They were fresh, fluffy and moist. So good! The shop is owned by a husband and wife, and their story behind opening Brewpoint is so sweet – you must read it HERE.

Brewpoint is spacious, welcoming those that want to work, those that want to sit and sip coffee like us and those that are on the go. They have a backroom which is available for seating incl. you can rent it for a party. There was a birthday get together while we were visiting.

I love the way they decorated the shop keeping the industrial yet cozy feel with all the vintage furniture. The chandeliers add a touch of fancy and I love that! I could sit there all day and sip on my coffee. I love how involved the owners were. The wife was making lattes, while husband was running around helping. We actually met the husband, and congratulated them on opening such a cute coffee shop.

Leaving you Brewpoint’s website + address down below if you’d like to stop by … who knows, you may run into me being that I am now obsessed with them!



617 N York Rd. (facing Crestview)
Elmhurst, IL 60126



124 W Park Ave.
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Brewpoint Lexicon Cafe.JPG


Located in the Elmhurst Public Library
125 S Prospect Ave
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Thank you for following along on our journey, and all your support. I LOVE connecting with all of you and so glad I’ve met so many other empowering women and mamas out there. Each one has left an impact whether that be an inspiration, a chat because we were having a tough day, support system, or simply because we are women.



  1. Hello Gorgeous!!!! Congratulations!!!! I am so very proud of you for following your passion and for sharing your journey with all of us! It’s been a GREAT 1st year! cheers to many many many more! I’ve loved capturing your moments! and cannot wait for your family photo session as a family of 5! such an honor <3 Love you girl!!!!!!

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