A quick mani + my favorite 4 Essie nail polishes

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I always get tons of questions and compliments on my nails, not even kidding! Like, how do I have time to always have my nails painted? Do I get them done or do it myself? What nail polish do I use? How do they last so long? The questions are endless. So I wanted to share my quick and easy tips for a lasting mani, a DIY type of mani because I rarely ever get my nails done!

Okay, first thing is first – you get what you pay for – if you agree, continue reading. I have always been a huge fan of Essie nail polish and have sworn by their products since I was in college. Ten plus years later I am still using Essie nail polish!

First, it’s important to prep your hands and your nails for a nice lasting mani. File your nails. Use a hand scrub to make your hands soft. This one here from L’Occitane is by far my favorite. Then make sure to use cuticle oil. Again, this one here from L’Occitane is my favorite.

Second, make sure you use a base coat for your nails. I love this one, it helps my nails grow stronger but any base will work. Just don’t skip the base coat.

Third, apply a thin layer of the nail polish first and let it dry for at least 30 seconds.

Fourth, apply a second layer of the nail polish and let it dry for at least one minute.

Finally, add the top coat to seal in the color. The top coat is as important as the base, skipping it will result in chipped nail polish. So everything you just did was pointless. I love this top coat and also love the gel setter from Essie.

Add lotion to your hands afterwards. I love how this one smells and keeps my hands moisturized.

This whole process should not be more than 10 minutes total.

My mani lasts about two weeks when I do it in these steps. And yes, I still do all the house work, take care of the babes, etc.

I have a huge collection of nail polishes but these four are my all time favorite. Three of them I wear all year round, while the white one is seasonal to Spring/Summer only.

1. My two favorite darks:

Smokin Hot & Merino Cool

I love the grey tones of the nail polishes for year round, and my all time favorite is Smokin Hot! I can wear it in Summer and it looks great against the Summer tan and outfits and in Winter it makes a great pop of color against my pale skin and wintery white sweaters. You’ll probably see it in 80% off my photos if you look closer.

2. My two favorite lights:

Minimalism & White

This one is perfect for when you don’t have all the time in the world to do your nails but need a mani. I love minimalism color because it is truly that a minimalistic approach to nails, and fits perfectly for someone that just wants clean and simple nails. Sometimes when I get tired of color I go for minimalism color to give me natural nails. It is easier to upkeep this color as any chips won’t be as visible as on a darker color.

As for the white color, it’s a must have for me during Spring/Summer months! It goes so well with every outfit and I just love how it looks on my hands. If you don’t own one, you must get it and try it.

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If you do your nails using these steps I would love to get some feedback from you. Did it last at least two weeks? What did you think?

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