Anastasija’s FOUR month update

Today marks four months of pure bliss with this little lady of mine, and let me tell you guys I look at her and thank God every day that she is mine, so grateful for her and our family. She truly does complete us, and each day is an assurance of how blessed we are together.

Anastasija has been sleeping through the night since she was barely two months. To be exact, five days before she turned two months she started sleeping through the night. I am certain that it has been in combination of sleeping in her favorite Nested Bean sleeping sack and the Dock A Tot.


We received the first stage, 0-6 months Nested Bean sleeping sack as a gift and have used it since then. It keeps her warm through the night and gives me zero anxiety of her pulling a blanket over herself and suffocating. This sleeping sack also mimics mommy’s (or daddy’s) touch which gives her some relief to sleep even better. We now got size Medium for the next stage 6-12 months. I wrote all about this sleeping sack in a previous blog post, and you can read all about it HERE. But, the one we got now is a lighter Summer version. It feels like a light yet cozy blanket for her, and that’s all she needs to sleep.


She still lounges all day in her Dock A Tot if I am not holding her or if we are not playing on tummy time. She does like tunmy time, but when she is done you better turn her around otherwise she throws a fit. She learned to roll over, but cannot get back and that makes her mad. Also, I like propping her up to an almost sitting position but not quite yet on the couch. She loves to observe everything that big brothers are doing.

Talking or more like babbling

She loves to be talked to and she tries to talk back, it’s like having a babbling conversation. I love it! She smiles every time someone talks to her, and sometimes even before I say anything she gives me the biggest smile ever. Just a few days ago she started laughing out loud a little, it’s the cutest thing ever. Baby’s laugh is so good for one’s soul.

We love to eat!

We don’t even need to talk about feeding, just look at her! She loves to eat, just like her mama! I do give her water too. With all my babes I gave them water earlier on, and also started solids sooner than six months. So getting ready to try out bananas first.

Motor skills and development

She is constantly kicking both of her legs and bouncing on them when ever she gets a chance. She is super active. When she lays next to me she is always pushing me with her legs, or when I am holding her she tries to bounce off of me.She constantly reaches for things, and has a strong hand grasp. Like, when she holds onto my fingers she won’t let go. She is fascinated by the colorful toys, and currently obsessed with this one. She loves this rattle toy too. It’s perfect size for her tiny hands to hold.

Bath time is our favorite!

Her favorite thing to do, well besides eat is bath time! Every night around 730pm we get ready for bath time and she loves it! She used to cry when I’d take her out of the water but she stopped doing that about a month ago. She is all smiles while we bathe.

She is truly everything I ever wanted, and although motherhood is hard seeing all three of them together makes me happy. In another post, I’ll talk more about life with three kids, mama morning routine, and life/work balance.

You can get your on Nested Bean sleeping sack HERE.



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