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Hi lovelies!

It’s been busy around here, and maybe a little less chaotic since we can spend so much time outside. This mom life is no joke you guys! I know many of you’ve asked about how I balance motherhood/life/work and if you continue reading you’ll find out.

But first, I had to share this super easy yet chic outfit that you can dress up with wedges as I did here for a coffee date with bestie or dress down with sandals/flats for a more casual/errand runnig trip. I love a good tee, especially when it’s not so basic and this one is just perfect! It’s under $15 now too – linked here. It has a twist front which adds a simply cute look to your casualwear. I am curvy so it sits perfectly on my curves. Depending on the look you’re going for, this could be a cropped tee too. And, how can you go wrong with stripes? These are wider and work perfectly with my curvy bod. Also, I love the crewneck, it looks a little more dresses up and again, not your basic tee. The quality is great, and I have a quite a few pieces by this brand so I can tell you they are not short on quality but are super affordable!

You’ve seen these jeans before, and I wasn’t kidding when I said they’re on repeat daily! I love shopping in my own closet more than you think and love mixing up new and old pieces. These jeans, like these wedges are a wardrobe staple! You cannot go wrong with white jeans in Summer and you definitely cannot go wrong with these wedges! They work with everything – and I mean everything!

So, back to balancing motherhood/life/work. As you already know I decided to leave the corporate world to be with my three babes but that doesn’t mean I am not working. It may not be an 8-5 fixed schedule type of work, but it sure is time consuming. I’ve dedicated hours and hours into the Blog, Instagram, being an Influencer and being an entrepreneur for our own family business. The best thing is I set my own schedule, under my own terms and work with my own rules. I am staying very busy – between all that and three babes I am not bored. Trust me. I’ve got plenty of things to do.

As far as the work, it’s all very flexible which is exactly what I needed in order to dedicate as much time to my babes and be present in the moment with them – that being said, I tend to work when they’re napping or after they’ve gone to bed at night. All the photoshoots are of course during the day, and most od the time they are around playing or distracting me. I love that I can include them in my “work” and make it all that much more fun. I set all my work around them incl. house work. They are my priority and are always the center of attention, while everything else gets focused around them.

In the morning, we are up by 7/8 am eating breakfast and out the door by 9/930 to either head to the park, walk around the neighborhood, or go play soccer or sometimes up for a playdate.

Nap time is around 12/1, but before nap time we eat lunch that I prepared the day/night before, give them showers and off to nap they go. All three of them. So far, it’s worked out like that. There are days when they are not on the same nap schedule and that’s okay too, we just go with the flow.

Post nap, which they usually wake up around 4 or I wake them up so that we can go outside or do any errands we need to that are feasable in doing with all three of them. Some days we go for ice cream. Other days we ride our bikes. Sometimes we put our laundry in, and head outside for a neighborhood wall while laundry is being done. I mean, no day is the same but we make it work. I tend to go with the flow.

Then comes dinner, which is around 6 but not always. It all depends, and I don’t like to stick to a “time schedule” because, let’s be honest how can I possibly do that with three babies!?! Anyways, we eat our dinner, that I usually prepared during their nap or it may be a leftover, either way it’s something on the healthier and lighter side. And yes, they get to eat tons of snacks throughout the day.

After dinner, we are usually relaxing and playing inside with whatever they want. Sometimes the play on their own and I am being too lazy and relaxing or finishing up that laundry from earlier in the day. Oh yes, the dishes get done at some point too. Haha! Whatever gets done, gets done. I am not in a hurry to make it all perfect in one day. I like to have fun and rest too.

Then comes me time, which is usually squeezed in between all of this chaos but I always make sure to have some me time. I need to rest and refresh too so making an effort to do what you enjoy is very important. I like to make time to do my nails, curl my hair followed by five days of dry shampoo, haha and love having coffee dates/brunch with bestie to catch up. I cannot always do everything I want and that’s okay too, I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest. The younger version of me always wanted to be a mom first.

Okay, if you’ve read to here I just want to say Thank You and You’re Amazing! I love connecting with all of you, and your messages means the world. I know so many of you relate to me in the mom life aspect, while others may struggle to relate but one thing is for sure we all have to make motherhood/life/work balance the best way it fits our life rather than trying to compare ourselves to others.

I encourage you to find your own balance. And do share what works and what doesn’t work for you.



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