Baby Fave Series: Oribel High Chair and introducing solid food

Hi mamas!

So baby Anastasija is just a little over five months old as I write this but we have been introducing solid foods slowly to her at four months. So far she has tried bananas, strawberry, then mangoes, prunes, eggs, qinoa, and some rice with carrots. Of course, all blened up into a puree using our blender. And for that, I am so thankful for this amazing Cacoon chair from Oribel, ah you guys it’s the best high chair out there!

I know that this may be a controversial subject on when is the best time to introduce purees to your babies and what to introduce, but I will just go on a limp here and say that I have done the same with my boys – introduced foods a little earlier than what’s customary and although certain foods, like maybe eggs are said to not be introduced early on, I am of a different opinion. So we can agree to disagree and kindly move on 🙂

But back to this amazing chair, I swear Anastasija feels like a Queen in it! We love the ability to change the seat setting – for example, right now I tilt the chair a little more so that she is not sitting up completely as she physically cannot sit herself up still. I also love that buckling is so easy, and not frustrating like some others. Then, the removable tray can just be attached to the back of the chair – like hello! How come everyone else didn’t get the same concept. For the boys, I had to put it on the floor, which was annoying. Then it also has a smaller tray that you can put a drink. Not to mention, it’s stylish and fits right into our home style.

The front are wheels so you can roll the chair over, and the back legs are sturdy. There is a foot bar for when she gets bigger – love that the chair can grow with Anastasija. Also, the height can be adjusted so that you can make it work depending on where you’re sitting, which I love because sometimes I am sitting at our dining table while other times I am on the sofa.

When you’re using the chair the legs expand so she can be comfortable, but when we are done the legs can come closert and it doesn’t take much space. I actually takes no additional space in our house, which I love. I am over all the oversized toys and baby gear. I like simple, chic and useful baby items. And if that is you too, then this chair is perfect for your little one. You should see the other colors they have – I am dying!

Again, just to highlight a few things for you:

  • 3 comfortable recline positions
  • Love the deep decline for early feeding stage
  • Easy clean and waterproof EVA seat
  • 6 heigh adjustments
  • Removable, dishwasher safe tray top insert
  • Store the tray on the magentic back legs
  • Chic, stylish and simple

Thank you Oribel for sponsoring this post! As always all opinions are my own, and as you know I wouldn’t promote something if we didn’t love it in the house. This high chair is definitely amazing – luxury meets functionality! You can get your own HERE too. Love all the colors – especially this one and this one.

I would love to know what high chair you’re using now.



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