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Good morning lovelies!

I am so excited to share this great service with you that will save you money!

Many of us struggle with health insurance on daily basis, and to be honest it is such a pain to follow up on everything they are asking for. It seems like they never have everything, although you’ve sent it like five times already! Which is why I decided to explore other options, options that are readily available and affordable whether you have a good health plan, no health plan or are just looking for more options, this Blog post is for you.

First of all, have you heard of SingleCare? If you answered NO, then you are missing out BIG TIME and keep reading. If you answered YES, then make sure you share with everyone around you.

SingleCare helps you save on your healthcare costs, no insurance required. For Rx, dental, vision, or telehealth options, SingleCare has you covered.

I have heard of things such as “virtual doctor visits” but I’ve never honestly cared to explore further until I had my third baby. For the heck of convenience, I decided to see what other options are there besides always running into ER. Luckily for us everyone is pretty healthy, but what I love about SingleCare is that you can share your baby/toddler’s symptomps and they will give you recommendations and even prescribe medication — that you can pick up at your nearest pharmacy! The video doctor visit service is only $45!

I really like the convenience of SingleCare and all the resources they have, such as using their SingleCare card at Walgreens for prescriptions to get a discount! Single Care card is accepted in over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. And, I should mention that joining SingleCare is FREE.

We have CVS and Walgreens down the street from us, and SingleCare is part of their program which is soooo convenient! Trust me, when you have to haul three babes around you appreciate the little things!

One of my biggest pet peeves about health plans is having to worry about the doctor and/or the doctor’s office being in your network on top of copays! And, sometimes you find all that – for your health plan to change six months later and that doctor/hospital is no longer in the network (that happened to us not even kidding) aghhh so frustrating! As if we didn’t have enough on our plates to now deal with this! You don’t need to worry about that with SingleCare!

You know what happened to me when I went into labor with Anastasija? The anestheologist that was on call was not in the health plan’s network, but of course I found out after the fact! So annoying! I had to fight my way around to lower the bill, and I know some things are unpredictable and nothing you can do about but it’s still frustrating and very annoying.

Again, highlighting some benefits of Single Care ~

• It’s FREE to join

• Save up to 80% on Prescriptions

• Save up to 55% on Dental services

• Save up to 75% on eye care

• Video doctor visit service is only $45

• Helps when you have a co-pay

• No insurance required

The best way to go about taking advantage of this program is by downloading their App here and clicking on get a free card to get you started. Then from here, you can explore the app to see the nearest pharmacies, dentists, etc. The app is extremely user friendly!

This post was kindly sponsored by SingleCare, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. And, you know that I don’t like to promote anything unless I believe in it myself. I hope you give this app a try, to help you and your family save money.


Xoxo, Vesna

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