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Hi babes!

Happy Thursday!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday yesterday! I must say throwing in a Holiday in the middle of the week really throws our entire schedule off but it’s nice to be home as a family of five for once! It’s rare these days that we all get to do something together. We braved the heat and went out, but omg it was unbearable!

On another note, you guys I think I found the best paper bag pants ever! It’s no secret that I have an obsession with this olive green color (and it’s not even my fave color but when it comes to clothes I am obsessed) and this style of pants was love at first sight. These pants are perfect for the Summer, and will be even better to transition to Fall! I have worn them countless times already, to dinner date with hubby, sushi date with bestie, coffee date, etc. love them!

Also, paired up with this white embroidered tee for a perfect Summer casual yet chic outfit. I love t-shirts and especially those that have a little bit of not so basic style to them, like this one. Love the way this t-shirt is styled with the pants. A body suit would be great with these pants too! I got a black one and it’s pure perfection!

Also, you guys three things on my mind right now:

1. Struggling with what to eat/make for lunch/dinner on daily basis. So I love to cook and all, but with summer being here I want to spend way more time outside then inside and prepping food takes a lot of time. So I am struggling on what to make days in advance so we always have something healthy to eat. One of my fave things to make is soups. What do you guys do in Summer when it comes to food?

2. Keeping or skipping the boys’ naps is another one. I am often found conflicted on their naps, because they cannot make it all day without a nap and if they skip their 12/1pm nap time they want to nap around 5/6pm and that’s too early to go to bed. And, because it’s Summer and we want to spend most of the time outside, napping in the middle of the day is impossible… What do you guys do?


3. Anastasija is no longer nursing and has switched to formula completely. At about nine months or so we’ll switch to regular milk (boiled and all). I am totally okay with her formula feeding now + the solid foods we are trying, but you won’t believe how judgemental people can be when I tell them that she is no longer nursing. And I don’t say it to say it, people ask. Ummm… so odd. But anyways, wondering if any of you have experienced anything similar?

|| pants || shirt || wedges || sunnies || clutch || watch || face moisturizer ||

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Happy Thursday loves!



  1. This is just coming from complete curiosity as I have three kids 4 and under as well, but why would your baby drink cow’s milk at 9 months and why would it be boiled? I’ve only ever heard of breastmilk and formula for the first year, and have never heard a doctor recommend this. Does yours? Is this a European thing? Do you add any nutritional supplements to cow’s milk since it lacks many nutrients found in formula and breastmilk? Sorry my mind is just buzzing with questions as I’ve never heard of this.

    1. Hi mama! Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, it definitely must be a European thing because it’s very “normal” for us to do that. I plan on going more into this for my next blog post as I do a six month update for Anastasija, so stay tuned for that post… but yes, we like to introduce cow’s milk a little earlier on + we boil the milk to kill any bacteria that may be left in milk in general.

  2. Love the outfit, looks amazing on you! As far as the things on your mind… 1) we do lots of grilled meat/fish and veggies plus salads. All quick to prep and healthy to boot. 2) we have three girls (2 of them are very young and need naps) and we tend to do mlre in the morning to make it back for naps. I feel it’s just in their best interest to get their sleep and it’s a season of life that will pass. We also make exceptions sometimes and they sleep in strollers or carseats 3) yes! So much judgement. So much shaming. My answer: fed is best. Not breast fed versus formula fed. Just FED.

    1. Hi mama! Thanks for sharing! We love grilled salmon & chicken with some side veggies too. I make that at least twice a week. It’s healthy and it’s quick. Yes, I completely agree – they need their naps so I try not to skip them either. Summer always makes it harder because we want to be places. Especially when we go to the pool – it’s just no feasable to make it home for a nap. And thanks for that! At the end of the day, the goal is for the baby to be fed so thanks for that mama!

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