7 things I’ve learned being a third time mom

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Hi Mamas!

I figured it would be easier to do a little (almost) six month update on Anastasija including her feeding and what we have been doing recently, as well as touch on the subject of what I meant by introducing regular (cow’s) milk to her at about nine months or so. ALSO, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned being a third time mom.

As I mentioned in my previous post (you can read HERE), Anastasija is no longer nursing and we are completely formula feeding and slowly introducing solid foods to her. I truly believe that at about six months or so baby is ready to try new foods, and I don’t mean exclusively feed her solid foods but introduce them to her. Milk is and will continue to be her main source of food, but giving her other foods to taste and eat in between her bottles is something we’ve started doing as well.


I don’t know if it’s just being a third time mom or just being a mom for over four years now, but these are the things I learned.

  • Day by day is truly the only way. I still like to plan things out, like what we will be doing but I don’t like to make a commitment to it so that if it doesn’t work out I don’t stress out about it. Also, I tend not to tell the boys what we will be doing until I know for sure that we are doing that because they don’t forget and then get upset if we don’t end up doing what I said. I like to go with the flow, and have zero expectations.
  • Everything is a phase too. Instead of being upset at things looking at them positively and knowing that it’s just a phase, is the way to do it. It makes life easier for me, and everyone around me. Like the times the boys are bickering and I am trying to make breakfast, and the baby wants something too. Yes, that happens and that’s okay.
  • It’s OK if your house is a mess. I mean, I really like my house spotless but when there is so much you’re trying to squeeze in like family time, lunch/dinner, husband time, friends time, alone time, laundry…. keeping the house mess free is not one of those. Now, don’t mistake clean for mess free. Because I have to keep my house clean for this tiny humans running around.
  • There is no right way or wrong way to Motherhood. I say this often, and I truly believe that what works for one mom, one family lifestyle may not work for another and that’s OK. It doesn’t make it wrong or more right, it just makes it right for your lifestyle. For example, the whole sleep training aspect (which I wrote about and you can read HERE), some parents believe in the “Crying-it-out” while other’s in co-sleeping, etc., you can talk to 20 different moms and get 20 different answers. And, that’s OK because that’s what worked for each one of them and their families. Take advice with a grain of salt and apply it to your lifestyle. Anastasija sleeps for me during the night, and has been since she was barely two months. And then also,This is where I wanted to expand more about the feeding aspect. And, I don’t know, it may be a “European” thing but we do like to introduce cow’s milk to babies earlier on.I mean that, at about  nine months or so I start introducing cow’s milk to her (and I did the same for the boys) but still give her formula. You have to do it slowly, as with everything with babies.  And to put it in perspective, when I say introduce I mean more like half a bottle in the morning or at night, and slowly progress as she is ten months, eleven months, etc. This way by the time she is twelve months she will be fully weaned off formula.
    • First, you pick which milk you’ll be using (1) Whole Milk or (2) 2% Milk. If you’re using whole milk, you need to add a little bit of water to it after the milk has boiled. I prefer to use 2% milk. Second, I boil the milk to kill any bacteria that may be left in the milk. That’s just me being cautious. Third, as the milk boils I add one spoon of baby cereal or what I like to use is petit biscuit, and when it cools down it’s ready for the baby.
  • Always go with the flow and not force things.  This goes more towards potty training. This is something I am glad I didn’t listen to anyone but actually myself and my baby. I never forced on potty training on my first born, who is now four years old and fully potty trained. I never once made him sit on the potty, or bribe him for sitting on it. I did buy the potty for him, showed him, we even read a book on it but I knew that when he was ready he would do it. And, that is exactly  how it happened. He was a little over three when that happened. We were on our vacation in Europe when something made him ask for the potty. When we got home, we put on underwear and that was that. Now, my two and a half year old is not potty trained but I am not even worried about it. I trust he will do the same.
  • Discipline is a big one, but showing love is too. I am not afraid of saying “NO” if they are acting out at a dinner table, or at the park. I am not afraid to let them cry it out while they pull themselves back and calm down. Mateja is very rebellious and likes to push my buttons, but he too knows that it doesn’t work. He will get his time-out and will not get what he wanted. I don’t like to give in, and I also ignore him when he’s acting out because I know he wants attention. Every child wants attention when they are in public places. One thing I do like to do is still show them love after all. After they calm down, pull themselves back and act normal I still like to tell them how much I love them.
  • Finally, just being present with them. Being there for them, with them and in the moment. I don’t necessarily mean quit your job and be home with your kids. What I mean is when you’re spending time with them to give them your undivided attention, and not try to do a million other things or be somewhere else in your mind. If you have an hour to spend with your kids then be fully present, engage in the conversation with them and play with them presently. Be present.

I truly appreciate everyone’s love and support and for following our journey on. As always, your feedback/comments/suggestions are always welcome in this motherhood journey.



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