How I am staying active as a busy mom and how you can too

Hi Mamas!

Being a mom means that we have a gazillion things going throughout the week and it seems like nothing can ever get done. The laundry is never ending, someone is always missing a sock, the dishwasher is always on and I am always stepping on a toy no matter where I go in the house but, despite all that there are ways we can and should find time for ourselves. I am emphasizing should because often times we leave ourselves last and never prioritize our self-care first.

So, instead this mama is prioritizig herself care, this postpartum body and love.

1. Split up your workouts. Time isn’t always on my side, actually it never really is. I don’t have a set time for working out because it never seems to happen as I plan it, so I have learned to go with the flow. I do interval workouts. I am a morning person, so I try to squeeze in a short workout in the morning. What always gets me is the decision, do I want to relax and sip on my coffee while everyone is still sleeping or should I workout? I don’t have the right answer. The idea is finding the time that works with your family schedule and sticking to it.

2. Include your little ones in the workouts. If you’re like me and with your kids all day, I make everything around them and try to include them in my fitness lifestyle. Among all the house chores, between picking up toys and making lunch, I make the boys help and that way I get my workout in too. We do jumping jacks together. We do sit ups. We dance. The other day I showed you how I do my squats with Anastasija, if you caught our insta stories. I also lift her while doing squats. You have to make it work with what you got. I am also that mom running around and playing with my boys in the park. I look silly holding Anastasija and running around chasing the boys but I don’t care. You won’t find me sitting pretty on the bench. The easiest thing to do is make excuses and say you don’t have time. Sure. Maybe you don’t, but if you’re serious about it then you’ll make time. Otherwise, you don’t care enough to prioritize yourself.

3. Eat well. And this may go without saying but nutrition is extremely important part of our family lifestyle. I tried to teach them the importance of eating healthy since they were little. I like to separate my foods/meals into three categories: vegetables, protein and carbs. The kids need all three and so does mama. We make our grocery list and stick to it. I try to make an effort to fuel my body with foods that will make it perform its best, but allow myself treats every now and then. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

4. Switch up your office chair to Luno. This ball is freaking amazing. Yes, it was gifted to me from Vivora, but everyone needs this for their home office and here is why. Not only does it help with your sitting position, it relieves your back and provides relief for your joints. Eventually it will strenghten those muscles, and provide you with proper posture. It lets you move and essentially exercise while working. Also, it’s perfect for working out indoor or outdoor. It’s super lightweight, under four pounds. The first time I ever saw this was at my dentist office and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I knew I wanted one. Now, I use it as my home office chair and exercise ball. I love it!

Sometimes I do wish I could wake up in the morning and leisurely make my way to the gym, spend hours there working out and head home. But again, I am a mom and that’s not feasable and I am totally okay with that. I have always learned to embrace everything that comes to me in life, and never have any negative vibes.

And, I don’t know about you but for me it really helps to have a cute workout outfit. It may sound silly but it already makes me feel better about myself. I am loving this three piece workout outfit that Ellie Activewear has sent me. Their monthly subscription boxes are the bomb. I even wear this to go to the park with the babes.

So to you mama that’s reading this, I applaud you for everything you are doing from dawn to dusk, from monday to sunday, every day and every night. You are my hero! Let’s keep on keeping motherhood in style mamas!

PS I would love suggestions on what you guys do to stay active and in shape.



  1. Great post. I battle with the same decision. Should I get up early, workout, and get a head start on house duties while hubby and baby sleep? Or should I stay in bed and rest up in preparation for when the little one wakes up? I usually choose rest. Hopefully I can start going to bed earlier so I can switch over to working out in the mornings.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you mama! I know, we are often faced with dilemmas wether to rest or workout. Sometimes I choose rest too, and workout with the baby.

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