Life with three kids

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

So you’re wondering what’s life with three kids like? Well, I think I repeat this quote 983950643090 times a day to survive, and I am not even kidding. I mean, there is no way to be “the perfect” mom, dad, or parent in general, but we can be real ones. I don’t strive to be a perfect mom, I strive to be a real mom. I want them to have a happy mom, and a present mom. Oh I lose my shit all the time, but I’ve learned to respond rather than react. I wrote a whole blog post on that too, if you missed it you can read it here.

I know it may be hard to believe, but I am living my best life with the three of them. My hands are always full, but my heart is even fuller. I struggle to juggle all of them at once while at the at the grocery store, or keeping an eye on them while at the park. But, even if you offered me an all expense paid ticket to a different, new life I would never take it. Ohhhh who am I kidding, I’d take it any day hahah! totally kidding!  But, I won’t lie life with three of them on daily basis can be hard.

I am staying at home… but I am working. I am working on myself, this blog, our business and everything involving the house and of course, my three babes! So no, to those asking I am not bored. I don’t have extra time. I don’t have moments where I am not doing anything, other than when I choose so. Like, when I am having my mid-day coffee and relaxing and putting up a “do not disturb” sign that even applies to my husband. But other than that, no people I am not bored because I am not in the corporate world.

I am grateful for good and the bad days. I am grateful for good days because everyone is happy. I am grateful for bad days because we wouldn’t learn anything without having a bad day, and we wouldn’t grow without those days either. I am grateful for everything, everything that comes with motherhood. Even, when all three are needing me at the same time and somehow, I don’t know who to attend first. The one that’s crying and asking for a snack, or the other one that needs a diaper change, or the third that just wants to play. Like, where do you give your attention to first? Then when you decide to attend one, a second level of tantrum runs because you didn’t help them first.

Thankful for these warm Summer days because we can be out and about, which keeps them busy and they get tired, which also means they nap extremely well for me. Yes, all three are still napping at the same time. I still make the boys nap, even when they fight the nap, which to be honest is soooo hard! I’ll make them be in their room in the bed until they fall asleep, and sometimes it takes an hour for them to fall asleep. But mainly, I think it’s because they are together in the same room. Anastasija takes a morning nap, one long afternoon nap with the boys, and then one early evening nap.

So the next time you see me with all three, yes my hands are full but my heart is fuller and no, I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. And, please stop saying, “better you than me” because, duh! Better me than you because this is what I wanted, I knew when I was making them that I wouldn’t be able to return them to where they came from. It’s like a one way ticket, but the best one ever! We all choose how to live our lives, some sacrifice more than others but that’s all part of life.

Now, excuse me while I go make breakfast so we can eat and go to the park with my babes and watch them run around and play. Their happiness is my happiness.

Thanks for listening to my story, beautiful! Yes, you! You are beautiful! You’re enough!

And how adorable are their outfits? They are sponsored by Gymboree as part of their back to school collection. All thoughts are mine.



  1. This is so sweet mama!! Thanks for sharing. As a mom of one with plans for more, it’s always good to see what life would be like down the road. Sounds even sweeter than one can imagine!

    1. Thank you so much mama! I am glad you enjoyed the read. Sometimes being honest is all it takes and I cannot say every day of motherhood is a walk in paradise but it’s definitely worth it.

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