My true and tried hair products

Happy Monday!

I always get tons of compliments on my hair, and well because I actually take my sweet time with my hair I wanted to share my go to products!

I know that we are all different, and not every product works on everyone but these are my all time favorite hair products that I use on daily basis. The products that give me the waves, volume and texture. Everything you ever wanted to know about my hair styling is below. By the way, my favorite hair day is hair on the second day!

I always have two or three different shampoos to use, and I alternate every time I wash my hair. The trick is to use a different shampoo each time so your hair doesn’t get used to one and then stops working for you.

I use Biolage shampoo for VOLUME, Living Proof shampoo for EVERYDAY HAIR, and Miracle 10 shampoo when I need a kick of REPAIR.

I don’t always use a conditioner when I wash my hair because I don’t need my hair to be smoother than it already is. It holds the curls/waves better when it doesn’t have conditioner. But, when I do I use it, I use the Biolage volume conditioner or Livingproof conditioner. And, because I like to take care of my hair I use a HAIR MASK once every two weeks (if your hair is damaged use it twice a week). I swear by this hair mask like no other. And I am sure there are other good ones, but when my hair was at a breakage, dry and beyond damaged stage using this hair mask twice a week gave life to my now beautiful hair.

Then, after washing my hair and before I blow dry it, I use Miracle 10 Leave In to spray all over for protection, hair protein, and Big Sexy Hair total bodyfor added volume, which believe me you want volume. Nobody likes flat hair, it just makes me lose all my hair confidence. Volume at roots and voila beautiful hair! It’s the only one I use. I swear by this blow dryer! It’s truly a speed freak and as a mom of three I don’t have time to waste.

After I make my beach waves for the day using the Bed Head curling wand, I spray them with my favorite HAIRSPRAY. It’s the only one I will use, and have been using for years. I usually stock up during the Black Friday sales at Ulta! I don’t like my hair to be firm, I like it to have movement yet maintain the waves and this one is hands down the best (for me).

Last but not least, DRY SHAMPOO!! It’s the queen of all the products if you ask me. Like, what mom nowadays lives without one. It’s like running out of coffee and dry shampoo is a crime! This one is my favorite, hands down. But, I like the strength and shine the best. Original is ok too.

I love trying new products out too, but these are my true and tried products.

I have linked all these products for you guys on the LikeToKnow.It App so just follow me there to get all the deets or just CLICK HERE. Thanks for reading along babes! Hope your morning is on a good start, and if not have another coffee until it’s wine o’clock!



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