Beauty is where you find it. I found it in my post-partum body.

Hiii guys!! Happy Monday!! First of all, if you caught my stories from the weekend you saw how crazyyyy busy we were painting, cleaning and organizing the house. Well, more so the boys’ room and the bathroom getting painted, and everything else cleaned and maaaaaajor decluttering happened! Needles to say I am exhausted today! So you can find us not doing much this Monday!

So much about the weekend, but how CUUUUUUTE are our matching swimsuits from Kortni Jeane!!!! OMG I am obsessed! These were made for my curvy body, and if there was any doubt in me about loving my body before, let me just say this – TODAY I AM LOVING MY BODY! My body grew three beautiful healthy babies. The talk about post-pregnancy beauty is relentless. I get it, our bodies have changed and they’ll never be what they were but why get hung up on that? We cannot undo having babies, so let’s embrace the women we have become, and embrace the bodies we have now. Our body obsessed culture doesn’t help prepare us for the post-partum body either, but in all honesty I am fine with that. I am fine with being curvy. I am just tired of all the body shame mamas are getting on social media. So STOP. Stop, shaming other mamas!

I have set some genuine goals for myself, while I work on my body. If we are going to talk numbers, I am working towards losing at least ten more pounds. But, in reality I want to build muscle, strengthen my core and tone my body. I guess, I may be at the same number at the end of the day and that’s fine. It’s not really the number, it’s how I feel in my body. You know, the feeling you get when you put those jeans on and they look amazing! Well, that feeling.

This his two piece swimsuit from Kortni Jeane has to be my favorite swimsuit EVERRRR!! It is so flattering! It makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. If you don’t own one, you are missing out completely! And, omg I cannot get over how CUTE Anastasija looks in hers! It’s our first ever matching, and you bet it’s only the beginning. I mean, a tiny little halter one piece for baby has to be the cutest thing ever!

Just for reference, I am wearing size Small top & bottom. Anastasija is wearing six months. They are both true to size. Andddd, I want more!!!

I LOVE and 100% support what this brand stands for. I too, want to help other women and mamas feel confident in their own skin. I want to help you to love and embrace your body, not judge or compare. I want to shoe you Motherhood in Style, as the purpose of my Blog.

Thank you Kortni Jeane for sending Anastasija and I the most beautiful swimsuits ever!

Xoxo, Vesna

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