FIVE (5) social media tips

Hi babes!

Last week I attended a Power of She Event sponsored by Athleta’s over at my favorite coffee shop Brewpoint in Elmhurst, and I wanted to share FIVE blogging/social media tips I took away form this event. Perhaps, you already know them but I wanted to share them with you.

First of all, the event was amazing, met so many gorgeous women! The owner of Brewpoint, Melissa is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! Not to mention how amazing their coffee is – you can read all about that in this previous post.

These are the, FIVE SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS, that will (hopefully) help you boost your feed, wether you’re blogger, influencer or just hoping to grow your Instagram:

  1. It’s more important to have a loyal following even if that means having a smaller number of followers. The loyal followers will likely engage in your photos and truly be interested in your content. And, you want that! You want genuine engagement.
  2. More brands are now more interested in smaller accounts with higher engagement and loyal followers. They’d rather see that you have a genuine engagement with likes than numerous likes, and zero egagement.
  3. Research your niche hashtags. Engage with accounts in your niche hashtags, and do this thirty minutes or so before posting as well as after posting. This boosts up your engagement on Instagram, and kills the algorithm (for now at least). Algorithm is always changing on Instagram.
  4. Don’t be afraid to decline or accept collaborations/sponsorships. Don’t be afraid to counter offer collaborations and sponsored, the worst answer you’ll get is a No. But, at least you tried. You never know who may say Yes. AND, always keep this in mind, “is it worth writting a blog post for $20?” Only you can answer that.
  5. Make a MEDIA KIT. Make one with your rates, and make another without your rates. So that you have both ready when a company reaches out to you or when you reach out. Ask for the company’s budget. If it’s below your rate, then think if you really want to work with them… then send them the media kit without rates.

That’s it for now! I know it’s not my usual kind of a post between motherhood & style, but I love sharing everything with you guys. And, if this helps anyone it will make me happy. I am all for supporting one another to grow, community over competition.

PS this is one of my favorite dresses from Zara purchased in my hometown last year, in Europe. I wear this dress on repeat whenever I can. I wore it to the event last week and got tons of compliments!



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