Simple bodysuit OOTD + three tips on shopping with little ones

Happy Monday babes!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The one thing I hate about Summers here in Chicago is the humidity we get, I cannot stand it. This weekend was 100% humidity, 90 degrees….I hated it! But, we still went out. If you caught my stories from the weekend you probably saw that I went shopping with all three of my babes, and everyone messaged me to ask, how? how in the world can you stay sane shopping with three babes? The million dollar answer is….. I just go with the flow, pack snacks for the boys, and promise them ice-cream or whatever they want afterwards if they are good. I think the difference is that I go with the idea of having fun, and doing things at their speed versus thinking about everything bad that may go wrong… Also, I cannot stay inside all day anyways, I’d go crazy! So I made it a goal for myself to figure out life with three kids 🙂 After the shopping trip we had lunch at grandma’s (my mom), and went for a walk later in the evening.

So, my three tips on shopping with kids:

1. Don’t stress it, don’t plan it, don’t think about everything that can or will go wrong, don’t set expectations just go with the flow,

2. Pack snacks for them, so that when you’re trying clothes in the fitting room they have the snacks to keep them busy, and

3. Make it fun. Don’t make it just about you, trying on a million shoes and dresses, leave that for a me day or shopping with a girlfriend.Instead, involve them in your shopping, ask them what they think, which color would be good, etc.

And honestly, no BS here… I rarely have a bad day doing things with all three because I make it all about them. You can NOT expect your kids to act like adults.

|| All outfits deets HERE except for the bag ||

In other news….

I never thought I’d wear a bodysuit. I never thought it would look good on me. But, I surprised myself the other day when I picked one up at H&M and let me tell you, I don’t know why I thought I couldn’t wear it. Not only does it make everything smooth, but it is so easy to build an outfit around a bodysuit. I cannot believe I was missing out, and now I’ve been wearing it on repeat. It even works great to wear running errands, to the park, splash pad, and then date night with your bestie – which is literally what happened the day I bought. I got home, and tried it on again with some outfits, loved it – wore it to run some errands, took the boys to the park, and then came home, tossed on this kimono also from H&M (linked here), one of my favorite jeans, and wedges and I was ready for a date night. So easy, yet so chic!

Let me know what you think – would you wear a bodysuit?



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