Baby & Mama Must Haves for the first Six Months


Hi mamas!

Anastasija turns seven months today (I know, I cannot believe it either) so I figured I’d share the products we have both used for the first half year of her life and mine together! Things that we couldn’t live without, like the Dock A Tot and things that every mama needs postpartum like the Bellefit girdle, or things like wubbanub paci that helped soothe Anastasija to sleep. All of these things plus more (scroll down) are things that every mama-to-be should be putting on her list!

So, we always talk about baby showers (and honestly, I don’t like baby showers) but we never do anything for mamas to be. Like, things every mama will need post-partum. Have you thought about that? So I’ll share my absolute must haves but I know we are all different and have different needs.


My absolute number ONE must have for you mama are the Mother Tucker post partum leggings they have a much stronger compression than Blanqi leggings and they keep everything tucked in. I wore mine daily for the first six weeks. They work so well to help you get your body back and give you all the support that you need. They are thick, smooth and give you confidence.


Blanqi post partum leggings are perfect for every day wear in the house, and just wanting to be comfortable. I wore these six weeks and on. They were my go to leggings and still are for everyday use. They are not compression leggings like the above, but are high waist and help tuck everything in too.


I am not here to promote a specific brand, but I used the Bellefit girdle and it truly helped me! It was sent to me complimentary, but that is not the reason I am recommending it. You can try any girdle, but I would recommend you wear A GIRDLE postpartum to help your stomach get back to its somewhat normal stage. It’s hard, you just had a baby and feel like the society expects you to bounce back overnight. Screw what everyone else thinks, but do this for you.


These are a must for us nursing mamas.

Now, things that baby needs for the first six months. And, I am not here to tell you get this or get that, I just want to share the things that we used & were absolute favorites… no bullshit here. I am not as fancy as you may think, I actually prefer it as simple as possible. So, NO I didn’t have a baby swing in every room of our house, or a bassinet in every corner, or ten baby bottles and pacifiers. I only had the things I needed, and not many of them.


It is my absolute favorite thing I have had since I had my firstborn, Vasilije. I wish I had it with Vasilije & Mateja! Anastasija lived in her Dock A Tot! She took her naps, she co-slept with us some nights in it, she slept in it in her crib, we played on the floor in it, etc. It was my favorite thing! We have the grand also and don’t use it as much as we used the regular but I still love it! I can put her in it on the floor and she’ll be secure! Not to mention how amazingly she slept in it. Wrote all about it HERE.


I don’t like to have too many swaddles, but I had several and loved using them for everything – to swaddle her, as a stroller blanket, to cover her while napping in the Dock A Tot, etc. My absolute faves are Saranoni swaddles & blankets. If you read Anastasija’s welcome to the world post, you probably remember seeing her swaddled in their gorgeous Peony one. My other fave is aden + anais swaddles! The Ollie World swaddle is amazing to keep the baby wrapped up and asleep.


Nose Freda this is a must! The only way to clean baby’s nose. They get fussy when they are having trouble breathing through their nose. Babies don’t know how to breathe through their mouth, so they get fussy when they cannot breathe through their nose


We have the Evenflo baby stroller and love it! It’s a travel system, and for anyone asking I would definitely recommend getting a travel system right of way! It’s the best option for your money. The reason why I love this stroller with the bassinet is because I can easily change Anastasija in it and she can also nap in it. She is comfortable, and has plenty of room which makes me so happy. This one has an option of front or rear facing bassinet, and three reclining positions. Also, your car-seat can attach to the stroller. It’s perfect (for me at least)!


We love the Wubbanub and the Natursutten. I love both of them, and Anastasija does too. They both tie in my books. Also, to add the Ryan and Rose pacifier clips as they are beautifully designed and just perfect. I am sure there are others out there, but again this is my fave.


I hate the idea of loose blankets during night, and it freaks me out to think she can pull them over herself, so a sleeping bag is a MUST for me! We loved using the sleeping bag by Nested Bean. Anastasija slept in it for the first five months, and then we switched to the next size up. Currently, she doesn’t use a sleeping bag. Wrote about it HERE.


I have usrd Dr.Brown with all three of my babies and I love them!


I know this is an obvious one, but there are sooo many out there and to be honest, you don’t need a fancy one, you just need a simple bath tub.


Zip up onesies are the easiest for bedtime and diaper changes too. They keep her warm and snug.


People tell you to get teething toys but what they don’t tell you is get the Sophie the Giraffe! By far the best teether out there! I am sure every (or almost every) mom can confirm this too!

A couple things though. We have a baby monitor but haven’t used it much because we love in a condo and can hear the baby always. I would definitely recomment a baby monitor if you live in a house, or baby’s room is not as close. A lot of people swear by the MOTOROLA VIDEO BABY MONITOR. Then, we don’t use a baby carrier much but I absolutely love the LILLE BABY CARRIER. And, I am not big in baby wearing but if you’re going to get a baby sling then you must get the WILDBIRD SLING. I love it, and I am not a huge on baby wearing. But this one is amazing you guys!

Linked all the babe + mama faves HERE, HERE and HERE for you. Follow me on the App to get all the deets.


Download the Baby + Mama checklist HERE (printable PDF version). It has everything that you’ll need from baby diaper rash cream to thermometer to high chair.


Thanks for reading and follow our journey.



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