Floral Off-The-Shoulder Dress


Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We had the best time this weekend celebrating two love birds getting married! We have been living here (in the US) for 18+ years now, and besides my parents and two brothers I have no other family. It’s true, what they say – blood is not water and family is everything, but sometimes when your childhood friends become family by choice it’s even more special.

Floral off-the-shoulder Dress

This is the dress I wore to the Wedding! I found it sort of last minute, and ended up returning another one I found before. This one was just perfect, loved the floral print on white. And, because Serbian weddings last all day and start super early in the morning at the groom’s house, then to the church for the ceremony and after that the banquet for the celebration, I wanted to wear somewhat comfortable shoes. I found these nude wedges and they were perfect! If you have that last Wedding of the Summer coming up, or any ocassion really I would definitely recommend this floral off-the-shoulder dress!

All heart eyes for my handsome boys matching and my pretty lady in white! You know what? The closer it gets to my thirtieth birthday (August 29th) the more I start to reflect on these thirty years of life and believe it or not, my heart is full when I see them – smiling at me, holding hands with me, the way they love each other and just how much joy they bring into my life. There is nothing that makes me feel more accomplished or successful in life than these three. They are my everything – my whole world! I am so ready for you 30!

Also, Serbian Weddings last three days. Literarily, from the day of preparation at groom’s house, to the day of the Wedding and the day after for casual lunch at groom’s house (groom’s parents house). So, you better believe that I ate my weight in food this weekend and stuffed my face with traditional Serbian cookies. You cannot not eat. So, I’ll be getting back to my no sweets lifestyle starting today (but one more though… because I took some home with me).

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PS check my insta stories for more of this weekend’s wedding celebration

Xoxo, Vesna

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