How to find Me Time as a Mom

Happy hump day lovelies!

Yesterday I escaped the house to attend an event, and then met bestie for sushi date and it dawned on me how every mama needs to have more “me time” and wanted to share four ways you can find “me time” every day, at least for half an hour if not more.

Me Time

But, before I go any further I always have to disclaim (which sometimes drives me crazy with all the disclaimers tho) that I am aware that everyone’s situation is different, and that not everyone has the same abilities. Yes, I am aware of that. Yes, I am aware that everyone says, “You just need to take more time for yourself”, and while you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, “but how?, but when?”. I am also a believer that when there is a want there is a will.

Anyways, ever since I can remember bestie and I have been doing weekly dates. Whether it’s a coffee date, a little retail therapy or a sushi date we have been keeping our weekly dates consistent. We both need adult time, we both need face to face conversations and more importantly it’s healthy for human body to interact with someone whose company you enjoy.

Everyone needs a break from demands of daily mom life. Think about it as self-preservation. Slow down, and relax for a few moments a day.

How to Find Me Time as a Mom

(1) Use nap-time wisely

When they are napping do something just for yourself, even if that means enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in peace. Don’t think about what million things you have on your to do list, and how laundry hasn’t been done in days – heck, it can wait a bit more. Just do something you enjoy.

(2) Go for a walk or bike ride

When the husband comes home, go MIA for thirty minutes – whether it’s for a walk or a bike ride, but go outside. Let your mind be free, free of daily demands and social media. I love taking a walk at night, 730/8 when husband gets home. It’s 30 minutes I get to think about NOTHING.

(3) Ask for help

It’s okay…there is no shame in asking for help to do something for yourself for a few hours. You need a break too, mama. You have been on duty 24/7 every day, so what’s wrong with asking for someone to watch the little ones while you do something for yourself. Maybe you just want to go window shopping & have coffee.

(4) Wake up a little earlier in the morning, or leave sometime after bedtime

I know many are not a morning person like myself, but waking up an hour before everyone else and just having that time to yourself is worth it. The day is that much better. Or after everyone goes to bed, stay thirty minutes or an hour longer just for yourself.

So the next time you are lacking energy, time and inspiration – look at the mirror and tell yourself to make up, get up and have me time. You know what “me time” means for you, so do you mama!

If you absolutely cannot do anything of the above mentioned, then find a field and take the little ones there so they can run around and you can just sit and watch them. No where to run out on the street, nothing messy to get into, no other kids to worry about – just you and your little ones.

I am a firm believer that being outside is good for the soul.

Thanks guys for being part of our journey! As always, comments & questions are welcomed!



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