Brown leather jacket

Faux-Leather Jacket | Jeans | Leopard slides | Quilted Crossbody | Black tee |

Hi babes!

Here is another look into Fall with this brown leather jacket that is a must for Fall, and these leopard slides! Also, I totally break the no white after Labor Day rule if that’s still around because I love wearing white in Fall! I love pairing white jeans with warm brown tones and leopard.

Le Pain Quotidian, in Naperville

I wore this outfit last week to brunch with bestie at La Pain Quotidian, in Naperville which if you haven’t been you must stop by! They have the best pastries and their lattes are delicious as well. I don’t know about you but I also love simple outfits that will take me from brunch to grocery shopping and then park with the boys and lady! Sometimes I am all about athleisure wear for hanging out with my babes, but other times I like to dress up a little more especially when we take a walk through our town and stop by for ice cream.

Hair Styling on Daily

By the way, many of you ask if I do my hair on daily basis and the answer is no. I usually do my waves when I wash my hair, and then use dry shampoo for four days straight and on the fifth day I either sport a high pony like here or a top knot! I actually hate wasting time on my hair so I minimize it as much as possible, but I also have to do my hair in a sense that it looks cute! Otherwise, I don’t feel as good as I would with my hair done.. haha sorry that was confusing! But anyways, have a great day babes and stay tuned for another post this week!

Xoxo, Vesna

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