How to be a morning person


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Hope everyone is having a great day! Here is the post everyone has been requesting… being that I have always been a morning person, and most people are not I figured I’d share a few tips on how you too, can be a morning person! Now, before I even say anything further I should mention that a lot of it is in your mind. You have to be determined, to be able to do something. This is what works for me, and I hope you give it a try to see how it can completely shift your life too to wake up earlier and get more sleep. Sounds like something you’d be intersted in? Read on.

How to be a Morning Person


The first step would be to create a routine. Do you have to wake up in the morning to drop your little on off at school? If yes, make it a point to set the alarm at the appropriate time for you and do not hit the snooze button. This is a challenge for most people – but I never (rarely ever) hit the snooze button.

If I set my alarm at 6AM, you better believe I am up at 6AM. You need to do the same – try it. When I used to drive the boys to my parents to watch them while I worked, I knew I had to be there by 630, in order to make it to work on time at 7AM. Also, my day is much better when I wake up when I am suppose to. So the rule is – stick to the routine and your schedule. Do not hit the snooze button. Just this one time, try it.

2. Consistency

The next step would be to make it a point to get up every day at the same time, or similar. this will make your body recognize that time as normal of waking up and it will get used to it. Your brain loves consistency, so stop messing with it and let it do its own thing.

3. Sleep

Let’s talk about how much sleep you need. If you’re waking up at 530, you better go to bed at 10pm. you need the sleep. your body needs the sleep. Plan to have at least seven hours of sleep. I know, I know that it is not always feasible to do the same – and sometimes you wait for the little ones to go to bed so you can have some me time and that’s all good – but if the little ones are in bed at 730/8/830 – you have time until 10/1030 to do what you want to do and still get good hours of sleep. Again – routine, consistency, sleep.

4. Bedtime

One more thing, stick to routine and consistency when it comes to your kids bedtime. If you have them go to bed at 730pm every night – keep it that way as much as you can. If you have them going at 9pm – keep it that way. They love consistency and routine too.

5. Eat healthy

And, let’s not forget to eat healthy throughout the day. Yes, eating also matters. Don’t eat too late at night, don’t eat junk food – get some healthy snacks. I find it much easier to wake up int he morning when I have eaten something light and healthy for dinner.

6. Attitude

And last but not least, change your damn attitude. If you change your attitude to match your goals and ambitions, you’ll find getitng up in the morning necessary and although not fun, you’ll learn to embrace it. Get up, get dressed and get going.

Change is good. Change your habits. Get in a routine. Stay consistent and remember to make  time for yourself always.

Did I convince you to be a morning person? Probably not. But, if you’re willing to try this then you love change. If you’re not, then you’re hiding away and ignoring reality.

Until next time friends!



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