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Good morning babes!

This is a whole new series for the Motherhood Charm blog. I have been wanting to share pieces of our home here and there but for the longest time I have been struggling with the extreme lack of natural light. It is literarily impossible to find light to snap a photo. Yes, I learned the ins and outs of great photo editing and all the tools there are to use to but still, I just want to snap a morning photo! So today, I’ll be sharing our made over living room + dining room as they connect. We have an open room concept from our living room to our dining room. Kitchen is slightly closed off, but when sitting in the dining room you have a full view of the kitchen.


I love the minimalist look, the rustic and contemporary home design. Over the last couple months I have de-cluttered our home so much, and have finally embraced our space and made it more of our home.

I have also struggled with decorating the walls in our living room, as they are super long, and everything I’ve tried in the past I have ended up taking down.

This side with the TV has a major gallery wall, and while I am still mastering this side and would love to update our TV along with the TV stand to a longer one, for now I am pretty happy with it. By the way, this TV stand used to be a different color but I picked up a few things at Home Depot and I painted it to give it a more of a rustic look.


My favorite spot to have my morning cup of coffee is right here.

I love fresh flowers but I have never been a plant person. But, this plant has been calling me for months now! Every time I go to Ikea I always look at it and end up leaving it, thinking I’ll kill it or something. I finally picked it up two weeks ago and have managed to still keep it alive. I love it here by the chair. Now, I want one more plant.


We have a huge sectional – mainly to be able to seat our guests and us, of course. It’s comfortable, but not so cozy. I hate this deep brown color! Oh I so hate it – only because our place lacks natural light and this depe brown makes the space even darker. (Like duh!) I don’t know what I was thinking when we got it knowing that we are already lacking natural light. So, I tried to add some color to it by adding these pillows from Ikea and Pier One, and some blankets.

The wood sign above the sectional has one of my all time favorite quotes, and it fits perfectly into our home. I love the quality of the sign, and how well it fits above the sectional. This was another wall I struggled to decorate. It’s super long and nothing seemed to fit in.


This console table was gifted to me from AmeriWood and I am in love with it! It gives this space a bit more of a rustic feel, and because the color is brighter than the sectional it opens up the space more. There is more light to the room when brighter pieces are added. I love the drawer as I can hide my laptop in there. I’ll be looking for a similar coffee table too.

Also, I couldn’t decide if I should hang up the mirror on the wall or leave it standing on the console table against the wall, as I have it now.

These milk-crate baskets are amazing quality and go perfectly underneath. Once can never have too much space for storage, right? I like to hide phone chargers in there or random toys that I find.

Our dining table is old, or I should say we bought it six and a half years ago when we bought our condo. I love the table, but now wish the top was wood and not glass. I cannot keep up with cleaning the glass, and not the top part but the sides and edges, where everything gets in and underneath. It’s beyond annoying.

I tried to link everything for you that I could find. We just did our hardwood floors in November 2017 and I am absolutely in love with them. The pattern is so different from any other.

Smallwood sign | Ameriwood console table | Living Room rug | Dining Room rug | Tufted chair | Black lumbar pillow | Baskets | Ikea pillows | Dining Room gallery [use code VESNA for 10% off]| high chair |

Hope you enjoyed the first of many posts of this Home Decor Series, and as always thanks for your support!

Xoxo, Vesna

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