This is Us!

This is Us!

This is us – a family of five, a mother of three. Often, I hear strangers say, “oh you must have your hands full”, or “you’re so brave, I could never handle three kids.” The truth of the matter is, it’s not that bad! Actually, it’s fine. But, you have to love it. And, you have to know when to be a laid back parent, when to discipline and when to just have fun and let them be little.

Sounds like something you can do? I am already doing it. My husband, on the other hand always says he could work two jobs easier than handle all three at the same time. The way I handle them screaming, calling “mom” a million times a day, demanding snacks and just plain ole fighting over toys.

So what’s a day like with us?

Let’s take Monday for an example now that Vasilije started preschool. I am usually up at 6AM to get everything ready for them including breakfast, their clothes for the day and get myself ready. And, have my first cup of coffee. Then, around 730AM I start waking up the boys to get up, get dressed, make their beds (we just started this where they attempt to make their beds – yeah….it’s a progress), and come for breakfast.

While they are eating breakfast, & feeding themselves I am getting Anastasija ready and feeding her. My husband is already at work by this time.

It’s drop off time for us!

Then we are out of the door, everyone in their car-seats and off to school. The school is not even ten minutes from us which is awesome. We park, and all walk together to drop V off as you saw in the stories.

Once V is in, the three of us head out for a walk through the town, as the school is right downtown where we live. We then go to the library, and Mateja could play for hours there. They have story time and we love going to those too. We see some familiar faces too. Sometimes we head for coffee. Other times we visit the park by the school. And, before you know it it’s time to pick up V from school & head home to eat lunch and take a sweet afternoon nap for mama! It’s me time when they nap.

But, Mateja is a totally different person when Vasilije is not around. He is way to sweet, shares everything with everyone at the library, doesn’t make a peep or cause any trouble. It’s like, who are you kid?

When they are together, you’ll hear them fighting in the room over a toy – then I tend to yell at them and take the toy away. One day I took away so many toys I didn’t even know what to do with them – it was too funny! And made them sit on their beds without moving for 15 mins. Gotta discipline them somehow!

Naptime is the best!

But, after nap we usually head to the park, or hangout here, or sometimes head to run some errands. It all depends. Dinner is usually around 6. Again, all depends. A little play after dinner, bath time, story time and off to night night!

I tend to sit back and relax. Catch up on my emails, check out my calendar and agenda. I usually work on my Blog at night when they go to bed.

On other days… this is also us,

So, on Tuesdays or Thursdays when we are not going to school, we are planning longer adventures for the day or even play-dates. Like the other day when we went to Volkening Heritage Farm – coming to the Blog later this week. With Fall arriving, we plan on visiting all the pumpkin patches we can, apple orchards, and all the fun Fall stuff!  I always hated going on weekends because it’s way too busy for my taste. When I worked at the office, I used to take days off just so we can go on a weekday!

They won’t be little forever!

Also, to be honest with you this won’t last forever, they won’t be this little for much longer and I want to enjoy all the moments and look at everything in a positive way. I could be having an awful day, and they could be driving me nuts but I cannot help but snuggle up with them. I simply cannot get mad at them long enough to not love having them around every minute. When I need a break, I need a few hours break – not two weeks, or not a month. I could use a weekend getaway as the most of a break. The truth is, I find good in everything I do with them – and, I also find that I am the happiest when I have them around – no matter how crazy they can drive me.  I could not imagine my life without them – they are my whole world.

So, while going places with three kids can be hectic and hard, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I love exploring new places with them and making memories. So, here is to the mom life. Now, bring the wine! jk!

Hope you got an idea of what a day with us looks like! Of course, not every day is the same. Also, not too long ago I wrote a post about what I learned in being a third time mom and you can read all about it HERE – but it sums up how I am today with them.



  1. Aw this is so cute and I love how much you love your kids and enjoy having them around! Thank you for sharing your routine. Your three little ones are adorable and I’m amazed that they would nap.
    X, Bettina

  2. you rock! and they are the cutest! love your little family! hope I get to capture your family of 5 soon 🙂 <3 kisses!

  3. SuperMom! Great post, beautiful family! I especially love & agree with what you wrote at the end- They won’t be little forever or for long… Make the best of it ❤️ -XO

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I am glad you agree with me, they do grow up so fast so let’s enjoy all the moments we can.

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