A little bit of bedroom declutter and refresh for Fall

In collaboration with Lorena Canals Rugs, Minted, and Sarah Lou Co. 

A little bit of bedroom declutter and refresh for Fall

Excuse my bare minimum look of the bedroom, but I worked so hard to declutter our bedroom and actually our entire Home. Most importantly, I wanted our room to be a place where we can relax. And being that Anastasija shares the room with us, I wanted to make it more fitting for her too.

By the way, my NUMBER ONE tip on de-cluttering any room, is to start by filling up one trash bag! Don’t think too much into it, just fill up a trash bag. Toss it. Donate it. Do whatever you want, but don’t look back. My SECOND tip on de-cluttering (not including clothes because, we all know that’s a separate story) is to split the room in 8 tiny squares (think about your Instagram feed) and remove one item from each square (yes, less is more) and you’ll see what you have.

You can always re-organize things around, which brings me back to what I did. I de-cluttered our home. I then reorganized everything, and only added pieces that that would create a minimalist overall look of the room. Like a throw over our bed, but kept the bedding white. 


So, as you saw a few weeks ago we took down the canopy that was above Anastasija’s crib (see the before here) because she kept pulling it down. I didn’t want to continue putting it back up, as I knew she wouldn’t stop pulling it down and figured it was time to change things up a little, now that she is almost nine months (omg! cannot even wrap my head around that, but anyways….)


Thankfully, I found the most perfect artwork to put above her bed, Though She Be But Little! I love how delicate, and feminine it is yet powerful. I have always loved this saying, and finally I get to put it above Anastasija’s crib. You can see all the sizes and options they have, we have the 18 x 24 framed.

Though she be but little she is fierce.

And, I had to find something in the similar color scheme to go above our bed. The one above our bed is called the Bloomixer and it’s just the right amount of color that our bedroom needed. You can see the full meaning behind the print and all the size options HERE.

Sarah Lou Co.

This gorgeous Cloud White Merino Wool Blanket that you see is by Sarah Lou Co., and it is 100% wool. We have it over our bed most of the time, and it keeps us so warm. It is perfect as a throw over your bed, or sofa. We have the medium size.

Lorena Canals

Pouffe Air Natural  

Additionally, I decided that we needed a pouffe in our bedroom and I love this one by Lorena Canals. It is perfect for sitting and reading a book when Anastasija and I have some one on one time. But, it alos works great in the living room when we need additional seating or as a footrest. It’s versatile, and this natural color goes with everything. The best part is that you can remove the cover – and wash it! Yes, you read that right – it’s machine washable just like all of Lorena Canals’ rugs! Check out the rugs we have from Lorena Canals too!

Knitted Blanket Air Dune White 

The Knitted Blanket in air dune white that you see on the bed is also Lorena Canals, and of course, also machine washable. This blanket is perfect as a throw on your bed or over a sofa in your living room. I love that it is 100% cotton.

I must say it is so hard to de-clutter and get used to the idea of less is more but truth be told, it is the best feeling ever. Waking up in the morning refreshed, and all the natural color tones just gives the eye a rest. I look forward to having my coffee in bed now.




That’s it for today friends!

Xoxo, Vesna

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