The first day in New York in black and gray style vibes

The first day in New York in black and gray style with turtleneck sweater dress and oversized sunglasses channeling my inner New York vibes –

New York is not a city, it’s a world.

That is truly how I felt the first day walking the streets of New York. The city truly never sleeps, constant hustle and bustle and you better watch out or you’ll be run over by a pedestrian on the sidewalk.

We jumped off the plane and left our bags at the hotel as check in wasn’t until 3pm. We quickly refreshed in the bathroom and off to the Empire Building as our first NYC experience! The view was everything we imagined and more. It’s breathtaking.

I only dreamed about this vacation for the last five years, to finally book our flight and make our reservations. You don’t understand, being a mom of three one can only dream about travelling as much and the fact that bestie and I got to do this together means everything. Our schedules don’t always align. This was our first ever true getaway together, and we have been friends for over eighteen years. Now that you know the background, you may judge a little less.

Gray Turtleneck Sweaterdress

As far as the style goes, I wanted to channel the inner NYC vibes and show of my chic style. But, at the same time it was so important for me to be comfortable as we were walking everywhere (except to Brooklyn Bridge). In our minds we had everything planned but did not make commitments and allowed things go with the flow.

So I packed several outfits that would work interchangeably, almost like a challenge – how many outfits can you make with these pieces? And, it worked out so well.

This turtleneck sweater dress is so cozy yet so comfortable and worked so well over these leggings with the hat and mules. This was my NYC black and gray outfit!

PS the weather couldn’t have been better for us! So happy about that!

The Maxwell Hotel New York

Also, one thing we splurged on was the hotel, and you ask why? Because we wanted to be in a safe area with everything reachable on foot. We didn’t want to drive and didn’t want to have to call a taxi for every little place we wanted to go. Our hotel was in the most perfect spot – surrounded by our favorite stores, coffee shops on each corner, bakeries and restaurants with a block away. It was super close to Times Square & Empire Building, which by the way is a must see! The view from 86th floor is amazing!

Empire Building

As I said Empire Building is a must when in NYC! The ticket is $38/person, a little pricey but worth the view. The enclosed observatory is on the 80th floor but the true experience (for me at least) was om the 86th floor as it was an open space, you could feel the breeze form being up so high. The views are stunning! I would definitely recommend going on a weekday instead of the weekend.


And, not to forget we tried to visit at least two (if not more) coffee shops a day! They have so many, and of course I wanted to go to all of them. We’d wake up in the morning, find a coffee shop and head there for coffee and breakfast.


We did a “fancy” lunch and picked up pizza for dinner. We kept it super casual throughout the entire trip. I love the New York Style pizza, SO good!

I linked all of my outfit details on the LikeToKnow.It App, if you’re following me there just check the latest posts or click the below images to get the direct link to the item –

One thing I wanted to make sure I mention is how impressed I am with the people in New York. Everyone we ran into, granted we may have been just lucky, but everyone was SO NICE. Everyone was extremely kind, friendly and always smiling. When we took these photos people would step out of the way, or pause what they were doing, others would come to say hi and some would get in the photos too. Pleasantly surprised!

Stay tuned for more posts from New York – including what we did next and the outfit.



  1. I loved following your trip on your Instagram stories. Your outfit is so perfect for NYC! I love the cozy over-sized sweater with the leggings.

    1. Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed it! NYC is definitely worth visiting!

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