Third Day in New York we met on the Brooklyn Bridge


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Baker boy hat Zara in New York City

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Brooklyn New York

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Third Day in New York we met on the Brooklyn Bridge – the baker boy hat, that is and myself.

We decided to start the day with brunch, and then head to the Brooklyn Bridge. We had tons of plans for the third day – Brooklyn Bridge, Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment, walk around Greenwich Village, stop by the Serbian Church (which actually burned a few years back but it has not been restored), find more coffee shops and a New York exclusive restaurant, Madison Square, Central Park and the local market (which I am not sure what the correct term is as they closed down a few streets by our hotel and had tons of vendors from selling food to clothes to random stuff).

Brooklyn Bridge New york

Mama travels New York

Nordstrom leather jacket

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New york city

Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Of course we had to walk the Brooklyn Bridge! I mean, can you even say you were in NYC if you didn’t take a photo on Brooklyn Bridge? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

All jokes aside, the bridge is truly beautiful and I am amazed at the structure of it. I don’t remember how long it is, but we got tired from walking. The city views are great, tons of people walking and tons of tourists actually.

By the way, anyone that takes a photo on this bridge and there are no people around I am going to say it was photo-shopped! I mean, I can’t seem to wrap my head around this bridge ever being empty. Like ever.

Maison kayser USA coffee

Maison Kayser

I had one too many coffees in New York, if you can even say you had too much coffee. I felt so Parisian in this baker boy hat! Their coffee is out of this world, and I I have probably never had a better croissant than here. Also, their overnight oats were amazing! All the pastries at this place were so delicious.

Carrie bradshaw apartment new york

Carrie bradshaw apartment greenwich village

Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

Did you really think we wouldn’t stop by Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City Apartment? It was a must for us. We have watched every single episode one too many times, and both of the movies. So this was a must for the two of us.

We had a quick change of outfits to continue the second part of our last day in New York, and walked through the Greenwich Village.

Just like us, there were others walking by in the neighborhood and stopping by the staircase to take the same photo as us. There is a sign not to climb the stairs, so we respectfully didn’t.

Best friend greenwich village new york

The Photographer

This is my best friend! The face behind all these amazing photos, and the person that keeps all my posts in check. She keeps it real, makes me work for my photos and keeps me from falling short on my writing. Thanks for being the best editor in chief!

PS we asked a random stranger to take this photo of us, as we continued our casual conversation.

Maison kayser coffee

See you later, New York! 

And just like that it was time to say see you later New York. It’s not a good bye, it’s a see you next time. Because, I am for sure coming back here! I love the adrenaline of a hustle and bustle, but one thing is for sure I would never want to raise my little ones in such a fast paced city. I prefer the suburbs of the city, where there is room to move around and babes can play in less hectic environment. What about you, would you raise your kids in the city or somewhere in the burbs?

Linking all the outfits deets for you guys right here – just click on the photo and it will take you to the site. The hat is from Zara, and unfortunately not on App. I did link a few of the similar baker boy hats.

As always, thanks for following along Motherhood Charm and thanks for keeping it real with me! And here is a little spoiler for an upcoming post, it will be super personal (like never before) – stay tuned for a post date.

And if you haven’t, check out Day One and Day Two in New York.

Head on over to Instagram to peep my stories for some fun NYC street performance. I may or may not have been part of them – Follow Me HERE.



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