Six tips on how to look put together in no time

Alice and Wonder Everett Stripe Cardigan - Motherhood Charm

Alice and Wonder Everett Stripe Cardigan - Motherhood Charm

Alice and Wonder Everett Stripe Cardigan - Motherhood Charm

Alice and Wonder Everett Stripe Cardigan - Motherhood Charm

Alice and Wonder Everett Stripe Cardigan - Motherhood Charm

Six tips on how to look put together in no time

In our busy, hectic lives it is so easy to rush in the morning and leave the house hoping you don’t run into anyone you know. All because you are wearing a three day old shirt with stains, you haven’t washed your hair in how many days, and those designer bags are looking better than ever. But I want to share six tips on how to look put together in no time so that you can feel better about yourself all day.

What you’re not realizing that in no time you can always look put together. And, I stress always because with these simple steps there is no way you won’t look put together for that morning school drop off, grocery run or simply work. Going to an office looking like you tried is much appreciated, and guess what, you’ll also feel MUCH better when you look more put together.

Whether it’s adding subtle make up and lip color to compliment your skin tone, or pulling your hair back in a sleek style, you will be happier where your day takes you when you look put together. I promise that these six tips will make you feel much better about yourself. Give it a try, take a photo, and tag me. I will share your post on stories. 

1.Wear all black with contrasting cardigan

Wear all black, head to toe. Then, add a contrasting long cardigan, trench coat, coat, jacket, etc. Like I did in this outfit or this one in New York. Black makes you look slimmer, and more put together. Adding a contrasting color makes your outfit stand out and show you tried. This will not even take you a minute.

2. Add subtle make-up

Make up in the morning when rushing to school drop off or daycare is tough. But, don’t skip these three things: mascara, concealer and CC cream. I use these. This will take you two minutes if not less.

3. Pull your hair together

Perhaps your hair is dirty, zero time to wash and style all over again. Add dry shampoo, shake it up a bit and do one of these three styles: let it down, half up or a top knot. I use this dry shampoo and these hair products in general. This may be another minute or less.

4. Add earrings.

Add earrings. But not plain earrings. Something a little fancier, maybe it has tassels or an interesting twist. This will make you look like you worked on your outfit last night. Not even kidding.

5. Sunglasses

Don’t forget those sunglasses. They are a mama’s best friend in the bright sunny morning.

6. Add lipstick

Any kind of color that’s not just nude. But don’t over do it – remember it’s only 9AM :)) And, even if you skip number 2 above, don’t skip this one.

Now tell me, how long will this take you in the morning? Maybe 10 minutes. You can’t simply convince me that you don’t have 10 minutes in the morning to spend on yourself. I cannot stress enough how important self-care is. We have to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our loved ones. I probably sound like a broken record because I’ve said it a million times. And, I’ll say it a million more in hopes to help you take care of yourself. And, if you’re still not convinced I’ll come over and show you that you can do it :))

Alice and Wonder Everett Stripe Cardigan - Motherhood Charm

| Everett Stripe Cardigan | Suede Leggings | Black Lace Cami | Booties |

My cardigan is from Alice & Wonder as part of a collaboration. They are a Chicago Fashion Boutique. But don’t fret, you can shop all of their new arrivals including this cardigan online. And, if you sign up for their email you get 15% off your first order. 

The rest of my outfit is in collaboration with Vici Dolls. I am obsessed with these booties and these suede leggings. I truly need the leggings in another color. You can find my other Vici Dolls Outfit HERE. 

Until next time friends!



    1. Thank you, Sarah! Find me on Instagram and tag me in your put together look and I’ll feature you on my stories :)) Thanks so much for stopping by.

  1. This is 100% what I do if I don’t have time to think about what to wear to work! (I wear a lot of all black with a cardigan or fun scarf lately, lol.) Love this post, Vesna. You summarized it perfectly.


    1. Thank you, Bettina! So glad you agree with me. Black is the easiest to style for a quick put together look.

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