How Pintrest Helped Me Generate Higher Blog Traffic

How Pintrest Helped Me Grow My Blog Traffic — Motherhood Charm

Street Fall Style Vici Dolls — Motherhood Charm

Mom Outfit Inspiration — Motherhood Charm

Fall Fashion Outfit Vici Dolls — Motherhood Charm

Motherhoof Street Style — Motherhood Charm

Off the shoulder sweater Vici Dolls — Motherhood Charm

Black booties Vici Dolls — Motherhood Charm

How Pintrest Helped Me Generate Higher Blog Traffic

Good morning friends!

If you’re reading this you are probably wanting to increase your Blog traffic too. I am always looking for ways to improve my Blog, because if we are honest this is the only thing I can truly call MINE. Everything else, Instagram/Facebook, etc. can all disappear one day and then what? So if you’re a blogger like me, I encourage you to work on your blog too.

And, if you remember not to long ago I said that we need to utilize Pintrest more to bring more traffic to the blog. Remember seeing it here? But, I too had no idea how to actually do it.

I finally figured it out! I finally figured out how Pintrest can drive traffic to the Blog, and I am slowly seeing such a wonderful difference that before even hitting any milestones or anything I wanted to share it with all of my blogger friends so that you too can get on this, and not miss out.


If you take a look at my Pintrest you’ll notice that I barely have any followers, but I have 49K monthly viewers!!! Which, for me is HUGE, because a few months ago (and I wish I took a screenshot of this) I barely had any viewers!

The thing is when someone searches for “motherhood style” it’s not just the pins from the bloggers who have most followers that pop up, it’s everyone’s pins and the chances are mine are there too. Pintrest doesn’t show pins based on the amount of followers you have, rather relevance to the search.

Now, do these FIVE things next

1.Switch to An Analytics Pintrest Page

Pintrest let’s you do this for FREE. So switch it now if you haven’t already. This let’s you see who visits your Pintrest page, what they pin from you and who pins from you. It shows you the demographics, which you want to utilize in your favor. It’s very simple – pin things that people like to see from you, among all other things.

2. Pin All Photos From your Blog Posts

This is simple too. Every single photo that you put in your blog post – PIN it. But, pin your photos to specified boards. If you just blogged about a hair tutorial, then have a board for ‘Hair Styles’ or something similar. Pin your photos to that board and pin other photos you like, that are not from your board. That will mix the photos up and someone searching will see your photos and other photos, and just click on them.

3.Pin Regularly

You need to stay consistent and pin regularly. Nobody wants to visit a page that says, last pinned three months ago or something. So pin things that appeal to you. I recently started pinning things about home decor and made specific boards for bedroom, home, entryway, etc. You will want to pin a lot, I try to pin at least 20 pins a day. Some suggest to pin at least 50.

4. Tailwind

Referring to the number three above, ‘Pin Regularly’ is where Tailwind comes into play. I had no idea what Tailwind was, and if you don’t either – that’s okay. But, let me just tell you that you need it.

Tailwind helps you schedule hundreds of pins to be posted on Pintrest without you needing to manually pin every single one. Sounds amazing, right?!?! It is! And this is it, this is the BIG SECRET to increasing Pintrest monthly views, hence increasing traffic to your blog. Tailwind is so smart, it knows when to schedule your pins for. It knows the best times when to pin them.

Try Tailwind for FREE hereIt will let you do it for free for one month. 

5. Canva

Now, Tailwind is amazing at scheduling your PINS. But Canva, will help you achieve those appealing photos that nobody will want to pass by without PINNING them. The photos you’re seeing here were created by Canva. Just download the app on your phone, and voila!

You can create so much with Canva, you’ll love the app if you don’t already have it.

Fall Outfit — Motherhood Charm

Weekend Outfit Vici Dolls — Motherhood Charm

Fall Fashion Trends — Motherhood Charm

Moto jeans off the shoulder sweater — Motherhood Charm

Charcoal bag Vici Dolls — Motherhood Charm

Outfit deets : Vici Collection
Hair by: New Style Hair Salon, Wheaton, IL

That’s it for now friends!

Let me know if this works for you, I love getting feedback from everyone. I just want you to know that if you’re blogging and you’re stuck, don’t worry there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s great that your content is amazing, but if nobody is seeing it then that’s a problem. Meaning, promote, promote and promote some more. I have turned to Pintrest, and so far I am liking the results. I will update you as a few months pass because this is very recent for me too.

Find me on Instagram and say HI!

Pintrest Grow Blog Traffic — Motherhood Charm

Motherhood Charm

  1. Thanks for sharing all of this. I’ve been blogging for awhile and have seen steadily increasing traffic, but I haven’t ventured onto Pintrest yet. Now I’m starting to explore Pintrest but have a long ways to go before I have my Pintrest in shape.

    1. You’re welcome. I am glad you found it helpful. Pintrest is the key to blog traffic in today’s world. It definitely takes time, and patience but it’s worth it. Good luck and thank you for reading.

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