Reebok Sole Fury Sneakers

Reeboke Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhood CharmReebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhood CharmReebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhoor CharmReebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhood Charm

Good morning loves!

I am so excited to be partnering up with Reebok to bring you this post just in time for the New Year. New Year, New You! Or maybe, same you! Either way, I love you all!

Reebok Sole Fury Sneakers

You guys know that I am a bit of a heels and a bit of sneakers girl, and these sneakers stole my heart from the moment I put them on. And those that know me, know that I don’t try to fit in. Infact, I don’t mind being myself and standing out if that means happiness. Just like these shoes, they stand out from the rest. I love their uniqueness, their “I don’t care to fit in” style. The moment I put them on, I knew they were perfect! That feeling is hard to explain, it’s like walking on the clouds yet you feel supported without stiffness and hard soles. They are lightweight, super lightweight actually and built to perform. They were made for me! And, you.

The must have sneaker

Talk about performance, talk about comfort, talk about style the new Reebok Sole Fury has it all and have been added to the must have sneaker list this season!

If we are going to be honest, every mom needs a pair of these Reebok Sole Fury sneakers. Heck, every women needs a pair of these Reebok Sole Fury sneakers. Style them how you like, wear them your way, take them to work, playground, a walk, anywhere, really and they will sure to be the center of attention. Everyone was eyeing them during the photo shoot.

Split Cushioning

There is no need to break them in. They are true to size, and feel amazing on. I love the unique style, the unique design. The idea behind the split cushioning is that it removes weight and brings flexibility. Which is exactly how they feel when I put them on. They also have the 360 breath-ability, which I love.

The outfit

Styling an outfit for a photoshoot takes time. I envisioned them in my head with these jeans, this black sweatshirt and this coat and the whole look came together perfectly. I got a lot of compliments, and felt pretty good about myself. It’s not often that I walk down the street or during a photoshoot that I get stopped and complimented on. We shot these photos while on our way to a coffee date this past Sunday, it was super busy and so many people walking by. I don’t mind the crowd, they actually made me feel good about the outfit I put together and the shoes, oh the shoes were a total hit with everyone!

Reebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhoor CharmReebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhood CharmReebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhood CharmReebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhood CharmReebok Sole Fury Sneakers - Motherhood Charm

  • Do you like the way I styled the Reebok Sole Fury sneakers? Would you wear them like this? Also, if you decide to buy these, please buy them through my link as that helps support Motherhood Charm Blog and allows me to do more work like this. I promise you won’t be disappointed in performance of these shoes, order 1/2 size up as per Reebok’s recommendation. Although for me they are true to size, 5.5.
  • Troubles of blogging world

    Speaking of support, this blogging world is tough, but it wouldn’t be as tough if we all supported each other. You support me, I support you and we all succeed. Sounds good, right? My goal for 2019 is to continue supporting other bloggers, this mom community and connect with more people that are as passionate as I am in upliftng others.

    I am not fit for competition, in fact I don’t compete with others I prefer to #SplitFrom the pack and do my own thing. I’ll do the rare thing, and support others.

    Mamaging it All

    One of my blogging mottos is to always stay true to myself and only do what I am passionate about. I tend not to partner with brands or companies I do not stand by 100%. Once I am committed to something, I plan, organize and prioritize. It’s the only way to stay on top of everything and manage your time wisely.

    Goals for 2019

    I don’t make New Year Resolutions. In fact, as much as I love new beginnings and fresh starts, to me each day is a fresh start and an opportunity for us to better ourselves. So, in 2019 I am looking forward to continuing building partnerships and connecting with people that support people, whether a mom, lifestyle or fashion blogger.

    Thank you all for stopping by to read my blog posts and your continuous support. Wishing you a prosperous New Year & see you all in 2019!

    *Thank you to Reebok for sponsoring this post. All opinions are completely my own.

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