Morning Protein Smoothie Recipe

Morning Protein Smoothie Recipe - Motherhood Charm

I took me a while to realize that I am a creature of a habit and like to eat the same exact thing every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some eggs, and pancakes, and bacon, etc. but, I love sticking with my morning protein smoothie for two reasons.

1. Keeps me full until lunch time

When I add all these ingredients to the smoothie, it is everything my body needs to keep me full and fully satisfied until lunch. This particularly works so well for me when we are running to school drop off in the morning, I can finish my smoothie while on the go and know that I’ll be good until we get back home to eat. Each morning I’ll make the kids something for breakfast, but always a smoothie for me. Vasilije loves this smoothie too, Mateja not so much. He prefers the red smoothie.

2. Healthy habits keep me in check

It’s easy to get off track and eat whatever. But when you tell your body that a green smothie is all it needs, it won’t crave anything else. You make it a habit to make one fresh smoothie each morning and that helps to stear clear of all the junk food. It takes a bit of time to convince your body, but it does work. Stick to your routine, and you’ll be fine.

Morning Protein Smoothie Recipe - Motherhood Charm

Morning Protein Smoothie Recipe

It is important to include some fat, fiber, greens and protein in your smoothie. All these help your body stay healthy. You don’t want to be crashing by ten and starving. This keeps me going until noon or so, which is perfect timing as that’s when we are back home and having lunch.

1 green apple

1 kiwi

1 banana

1 scoop of Vanilla powder (I love this one)

2 tbs powdered peanut butter (I use this one)

1 tbs chia seeds

1 tbs flax seeds

3-4 ice cubes

A handful of spinach & kale

Almond milk/Coconut milk (I use both just switch them out)



I have spent some time reading on nutrition and healthy lifestyle (you can read here how I switched to a non-toxic lifestyle) and I have learned that our bodies stop producing collagen after some time, so it is important for us to supplement our body with the same. I am adding this collagen supplement to my green smoothies now.


I blend everything in my Nutri Bullet. I know there are tons of other, better blenders but this one does the job for me. It’s small, and saves me tons on the space, since we live in a condo.

Morning Protein Smoothie Recipe - Motherhood Charm

Easy on the go breakfast

I also love making this smoothie for when we go on our walks in the mornings. On the days there is no school, or on the weekend when we are out and about I don’t make excuses to skip the smoothie – it’s easy to make and you can always take it with. If you can bring coffee along, you can bring a smoothie too. But, on the days I don’t make the smoothie I don’t beat myself up for it – it’s fine.

Love your body

I am not good about sharing everything I eat with you all, and although I try to stay as healthy as possible I don’t always. But, one thing I love the most is my breakfast green smoothie. It starts my day off right and makes me feel good about myself.

I also just got this book that speaks to loving your body, and I am so excited to go through it. And, these double wall thermo glass mugs are perfect for hot or cold drinks. I use them for smoothies and coffee.

Happy Monday!

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