Sponsored posts on Instagram and what to look for

Sponsored posts on Instagram and what to look for - Motherhood Charm

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Sponsored posts on Instagram and what to look for

DO YOU HATE SPONSORED POSTS? I recently read a post by @jennakutcher which inspired me to write this today.

Don’t ignore sponsored posts you see on Instagram, give them a double tap instead. And, here is why.

You have no idea how many people scroll past sponsored posts rolling their eyes because they assume that someone is just trying to sell them something. When in reality, we are just sharing things that you like. Things that you may already have, or have looked at previously. The only difference is, now you read it as a sponsored post and are annoyed. I get it. I do.

Sponsored posts on Instagram and what to look for - Motherhood Charm


I recently read a post from @jennakutcher where she too, asks that you help support us Influencers by extending a like on the photo you just scrolled on your feed. She says it perfectly, being an INFLUENCER is a job, a full time job that we take on seriously.

The thing is, you see when we post sponsored posts, but what you don’t see is the behind the scenes selection process that we go through in picking which companies to work with, what brands to represent and how many countless offers we decline weekly. We are very careful in which companies we pick to partner with, but you don’t see that, and I get it.

Picking companies to work with

Here is something to think about.  I truly don’t work with companies or brands I don’t LOVE, and if you don’t believe me you shouldn’t follow me. Now, if you’re even more curious scroll through all the posts and you’ll see. Let me give you one example, I don’t take any of the traditional medicine such as tylenol, motrin, etc. so you’ll never see a sponsored post of such. Also, I don’t take any vitamins so you won’t see those posts either. Or any energy drinks.&& I guess, I could go on and on about this, but the bottom line is if I am sharing something here with you it’s because I feel like it’s worth sharing, you may find it helpful, you may like it, and you just may have been looking for it. Also, often times we have a code to share to help you save too. We ask for these codes for our followers as part of our negotiating aspect, in case you were wondering.

Making partnership

I have another example for you as well. I recently partnered with Pampers for a campaign, which by the way was a dream. We brought Vasilije home in Pampers, and have used Pampers ever since, which is now almost five years. Why would I not partner with Pampers on a campaign? It would be crazy if I didn’t, I love the brand, I love the quality of diapers and to be honest, this campaign was a dream come true. I am not saying I wouldn’t work with any other diaper company, but what I am saying is that I had an amazing opportunity to partner with a company that we already love and I am so thankful for opportunities like this.

It’s really no different then when I go to Target and snap a quick photo of what I tried on and you love it & go buy. Technically, that’s a way to influence someone too, although in this case I didn’t partner up with Target (I wish) but instead just shared what I found and loved.  Sponsored or not sponsored, you loved it, bought it and are enjoying it.

Support your Influencers

So the next time you scroll around Insta, and see a sponsored post just hit that little heart in the corner and give that person support. Double tap that photo. And if you’re up for it, leave a genuine comment. You’re supporting a mom, a woman, a boss babe who is also trying to support herself, her family and her babes.

Sponsored posts on Instagram and what to look for - Motherhood Charm

Networks I work with

I absolutely love my responsive audience and I am so thankful for all the love you shower me with, which is why in this post I also wanted to share a little insight on being an Influencer, and list some agencies I truly enjoy working with, like Popular Pays, Sway, etc.


When I first started, I worked with Heartbeat a lot. They are such a good start-up place for Influencers, have a lot of campaigns, not all are paid but it gives you an opportunity to expose yourself, build your reputation and create partnerships. Don’t think this is something you’ll accomplish overnight, this takes time and I can affirm that. I have been an Influencer truly for a whole year now, and have worked so hard to get to where I am.

🔸 Easy to navigate

🔸 Great start up place

🔸 Pay: $

🔸 Check out Heartbeat

Massive Sway

I love working with Massive Sway, although the payout is usually forty five days. They have higher paid campaigns, and sometimes you’ll see campaigns based on your following count. They have a lot of opportunities for Instagram + your Blog, which by the way if you have a Blog focus on your Blog too. Remember, it’s the only thing that’s truly YOURS. Their instructions are intensive.  The pampers campaign I referred to above was through this network.

🔸 Easy to navigate

🔸 Variety of campaigns

🔸 Usually ship product to you

🔸 Cannot bid, rates are set

🔸 $$$

🔸 Check out Sway

Popular Pays

I have also done a handful of campaigns through Popular Pays and they are by far the easiest network to work through. The only thing I don’t like is that you always have to create 2-3 unique photos, but end up posting just one.  Also, most of the campaigns you have to purchase the product on your own. They are super easy to navigate through, and their payout turnaround is fourteen days after the post goes live. Another great thing is that you can apply for a campaign, and provide your rate.

🔸 Easiest to work with

🔸 Quick turnaround on payments

🔸 You bid your rate on campaigns

🔸 $$$

🔸 Check out Popular Pays

Social Fabric

I also love working with Social Fabric. They are similar to Massive Sway in a sense that they offer a vast variety of campaigns. Their payouts are usually thirty to forty five days as well. The instructions for posting are very clear, and you’re given deadlines to work with.  Also, you’re likely to purchase product on your own. The Playmobil campaign I did for the Holidays waa through this network.

🔸 Easy to navigate

🔸 Intensive instructions

🔸 Purchase product on your own

🔸 Cannot bid, rates are set

🔸 $$$

🔸 Check out Social Fabric


I have done a few through AspireIQ (formerly Revfluence), and love how easy the instructions are. It gives you a step by step. You can bid rates, for Instagram posts + stories. They usually come back with their own terms, if you agree you sign and the next thing is they send you the product. You create content and submit for review. Once reviewed, approved you can post. Their payout is also quick. The Brooklinen campaign that I did a few months back was through this network.

🔸 Easy instructions

🔸 Usually ships products out

🔸 You can bid your rates

🔸 $$$

🔸 Check out AspireIQ

These are the networks I have done the most campaigns with. There are a few others like Clever, Activate, Socialix, IZEA, etc. that I’ve only done a few campaigns with. I am also in the process of working with a few new networks, which I will report back in an updated version of this post. Stay tuned.

Direct Offers

BUT, what I enjoy the most is the direct offers I receive through email from brands. This is where I can negotiate the rates, the aspect of the campaign, build partnerships etc., while in the above mentioned networks the prices are usually set except for Popular Pays and AspireIQ.

Local PR Agencies

Also, I have enjoyed working with local agencies that have direct contacts with shopping centers in our area. I have build some great relationships that way, and met some amazing people. My most recent one was with Ann Taylor for the Holidays, as well as Simon Malls, and Kendra Scott back in Summer.

Sponsored posts on Instagram and what to look for - Motherhood Charm

At the end of the day, it’s your choice who you decide to work with but I would hope that you’re working with companies that you’re truly passionate about, and love.

You may also want to check out this post on some Instagram tips as well as how Pintrest helped me bring more blog traffic.

If you guys have any questions please feel free to reach out, leave me a comment below or email me.

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