3 simple ways to break out of a routine

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Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and are ready for this new week. Completely random, but I have always been a fan of Mondays. You probably think I am crazy, but Mondays to me always meant a fresh start, a way to turn a new page and give myself the opportunity to make a it a better week than last one, a new day.

Which also brings me to routine. We all love some kind of a routine, a schedule, something constant in our lives. For us, Mondays mean it’s school and library morning, followed by a nap time and then playtime afterwards. It also means, mama needs to get some work done. I love having some constant in my life. You can read more about our morning routine here, and how I stay productive.

But, I also love breaking up the routine and not saying that we are going to stop brushing our teeth in the morning, or getting dressed haha! But, doing something out of ordinary, because why does everyday need to be the same.

It doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, no wow factor needed, etc. just something different to make you take a break from the routine. Something to make you reflect on your current situation. What about you, do you like to break the routine sometimes? Below I am sharing THREE simple ways you can break the routine.

3 Simple Ways to Break Out of a Routine

1. Take a different route

If you’re working and going home, take a different route to/from work. If you normally don’t stop for coffee, treat yourself. If you pick up kids from school and go straight home, pick them up, go grab a smoothie and head to the park for half an hour. They’ll love it. That’s what we did today.. something we don’t just do on regular Mondays. We normally go straight home, eat lunch and take a nap. But, I wanted to ease the going back to school idea and make it more fun for them and me.

2. Step away from the chores

This is a never ending cycle – chores. You’ll never wash all the laundry and fold, your laundry basket will just never be empty. Your dishwasher may never be empty either, and your sink may always have a dirty dish, even if it’s just a spoon. Your floors may not be mopped every single day, and your carpets vacuumed. Your kids room may be a disaster, and your house may be a total mess. And, so what? Like, who cares? In all honesty, I stopped worrying about this longgggggg time ago and feel such a relief because of that. Of course, I want my house to be clean, spotless, toys put away, laundry done, etc. but the reality is it will never all be 100% done so why the heck bother with it. Just do your best, I do my best too and move on. But today, step away from all the chores. Like all of them. Don’t do anything that doesn’t spark joy to you.

3. Have breakfast for dinner

Okay, so you may think what’s the big deal? But, meal planning/prepping plays a huge part of our lives always thinking what to make for dinner, etc. what everyone will want to eat, how long will it take to make, do we have enough time between work and school, etc. I am always thinking what are we going to eat, trying to make healthy choices so they will too, plan our days ahead, etc. So instead of being too hard on yourself today, just have breakfast for dinner. The kids will love it, it’s healthy and they’ll be fed. Which also means less stress for you brainstorming what to make, and more time to play with the kiddos. Think about it.

We all deserve a break from time to time mamas. Do what makes your motherhood easier, and what works for you. Nobody ever said that being a mom is an easy job, it comes with a multitude of tasks every day but instead of constantly complaining, dreading to do things and criticizing yourself too much, do things that will make you feel good. As amazing as schedules and routines are, it’s always good to take a break from them sometimes too.

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post about living with intention this year and not goals, you can read it here and I have been reminding myself of that on daily basis. Part of that sometimes means breaking up from the routine mamas.

Thanks for always reading and supporting Motherhood Charm. I love connecting with all of you, and I am so thankful I have met some amazing mamas on this platform.

Happy Monday!



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    1. Thank you mama. Sometimes pancakes sound so good for dinner 🙂

    1. Thank you. Sometimes, we have to make it easier on us and kiddos love breakfast for dinner.

    1. Thank you. Yes, something so little but makes us so happy and puts us in a good mood.

  1. I love all of these tips to break outta the mundane routines. We try to do this sometimes but gotta do it more often.

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