Potty Trained in 48 Hours

Potty Trained in 48 Hours - Motherhood Charm

A little potty training update

Good morning mamas! If you remember a few months back, to be exact in January I wrote a post on our approach at potty training (which you can read here), and today I wanted to give you an update on Mateja, our three year old. Actually, Mateja is three years and two months old. In that post I shared how we did not force potty training on our first born, and were not planning to force it on our second-born either. In fact, we were super laid back with Vasilije and so are with Mateje now. I truly believe that it happens when they are ready.

Mateja was potty trained in 48 hours!

The only reason I am sharing this with you mamas is to let you know that it happens when the time is right. If you are potty training right now, or thinking about potty training soon just remeber that patience is everything, don’t set expectations and if they are not ready don’t force it onto them. I promise it will happen.

Okay, now back to Metaja being potty trained in 48 hours! His big brother practically potty trained him – not even kidding! Keep reading to find out…..

Potty Trained in 48 Hours - Motherhood Charm

Potty trained in 48 hours

Last week Thursday, Mateja showed some major interest in the potty. We were out and about that day, and when we got home he changed for naptime and all three took a nap. After nap, he wanted to wear big boy underwear. I am still not sure if it had something to do with the fact that we just bought new underwear or what but I was happy he showed interest. He put on his big boy underwear, and needless to say had several incidents. Let’s just say, this mama needed to do laundry haha!


The following day, Friday we went to drop off V at school, went to the library, our usual for Friday morning and when we got home they took a nap. When they woke up from their nap, instead of wearing his pull-ups, my three year old put on big boy underwear. We had a talk about him letting me know when he needs to go potty, and we put the potty in the bathroom and that was that. Long story short, he had several potty incidents that Friday afternoon, and went to the potty a few times.

We continued the same on Saturday, still several potty incidents, and he went a few times to the potty. Well, Sunday was the full day without any potty incidents. Like, zero. He was going all by himself. In fact, his big brother kept remindimg him eveery once in a while if he wanted to go to the potty. And when he responded yes, big brother V would say, “okay let’s go, let’s go really fast!” So together they would go, and I would observe them (just love how helpful V is) and just like that he went.

The following day, which was Monday was time for school again, so we put on pull ups because I just couldn’t deal with a potty incident at drop off, or at the library but I did urge him to tell me when he needed to go. Would you believe me if I told you that he did? While at the library he came up to me and said he needed to go, so we rushed to the potty. I love that our library has a small potty for toddlers. And, just like that my second-born was potty trained. No stress, no fuss, in less than 48 hours he was fully potty trained.

Potty Trained in 48 Hours - Motherhood Charm

Pull Ups for when out and about

I am still not comfortable with him wearing just undies when we are out and about, and I am totally fine with him wearing pull ups. I remember being at this stage with V also, and him getting used to the whole idea that when you’re out and about you cannot just go to the potty that second, that you have to wait sometimes. Also, I have zero plans of pulling over the car for him to go the bathroom. So, I know this part takes time, but it’s fine. I am pretty laid back when it comes to everything, and this too. I have extra clothes in the trunk for him, so in case we ever run into an incident we will be prepared. Also, worst case scenario I am sure there will be some kind of a store nearby.

Anyways, thought I would give you guys an update on our potty training journey. If you’re currently going through potty training just know that it will happen when the time is right. I don’t believe in forcing your toddler potty training, just not me. You can read my initial post about why we don’t force potty training here.

Have a great day mamas!



Potty Trained in 48 Hours - Motherhood Charm

  1. It’s so true to wait till their ready. Sometimes when we rush it to early that’s when the potty training may take forever.

    1. Yes, totally agree. I know everyone does it differently. I truly believe in waiting until they are ready. So far it worked with both of the boys.

    1. It worked really well with both of the boys, and that makes me happy.

    1. Yes, such a great bonding experience for them two. I am always happy to see them bond. Thank you for reading.

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